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Twinsequences by Jennifer Foor ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


I’d shared everything with Ivy since we were born. She was my exact double. We were only two minutes apart. I never thought that my own twin sister would steal away my one chance at happiness, but that is exactly what she’d done. She didn’t even know that I was in love with him. How could she? Ivy was too busy being Miss Popular to notice what I wanted.

After having my heart broken, I’d decided to leave my town, and my sister, to go to college out of state. For the past four years, I’d done nothing but work to make a life for myself. We were still the best of friends, but going home was too hard for me to face and I hadn’t been back since they’d gotten married.

I wanted my sister to be happy, even if it meant I never would be. She didn’t have the brains, or the successful future that I knew was coming to me.
But, she’d always have the one thing I wanted.
The one thing, I could never have.
Stoshua Wheeler.

A late night phone call brought me back to town. I should have never considered her request. It wasn’t right to pretend to be her, but she said she was in trouble. I had to help her.

I’d dreamed of being her for five years. I envied their relationship. I wanted her life.

What was I willing to risk to take it for myself?

I’m Willow Green and this is my story..


After a while, we held hands and walked out onto the football field. Well, we almost made it on the field. Stosh pressed me between the concession stand, and his body, for a hot kiss that left me weak in the knees. When he pulled away I was breathless and craving more. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to my lips for another one, this time I didn’t let our lips part. Our tongues vigorously danced, just as we had done in the parking lot. His hands explored my body, like no other man on the planet could. When he reached my breasts and guided his fingertips under my bra, I knew what was going to happen. The moment he touched my hardened nipples, I was his for the taking.


4.25 stars

If you want to read a book that will have you holding onto it for dear life…..this is it! Twinsequences is a gripping, suspense-filled story of the evils done by the twin sister from hell. Yes, I mean that and the book stated it also. I still cannot get over what this girl was capable of and to the extent that she took things.

This is the story of Willow (Will), her twin sister, Ivy and Stoshua. Yes…I know..what kind of name is that? But you’ll find out in the beginning of the book. He’s also the boy that Will begins to have feelings for and they become friends. Starting out, I didn’t quite expect and was totally caught off guard with finding out Ivy’s true feelings towards her twin sister. Are there siblings really like this out there? And Willow is totally unsuspecting of what her sister’s motives are. Things start when the girls are in high school. Ivy is the flirty, outgoing, cheerleader, slutty one. Yes, I said that, too. Willow is the reserved, shy, academic girl. And she does what her “mental sister” asks her to do in seemingly desperate times. Well, Willow can only take so much. After the prom and graduation, Willow cannot get out of town fast enough and as far away from the sister that she thought was her best friend and the one that she would do anything for.

Well…fast forward four years, and Ivy makes a call to Willow begging her to help her out one more time. She needs her. Yup…you guessed it, Willow goes back home. For some reason, she just can’t say no to Ivy. You’d think that she learned her lesson the hard way. There are so many events that happen in this book & I’m not going to put out any spoilers here. I was pulled in, twisted, spun around, pushed & smacked while reading this book. All I can say is, “Wow!” Jenn For kept this story flowing, and it was emotional and hair-pulling for me. I also wanted to bitch-slap Ivy a few times myself. It all boils down to the lengths that Ivy will go to to inflict a lot of hurt on Willow. Is there a smack-down at the end?? Does Willow finally stand up for what she wants & says enough already??

I highly recommend reading this book. You will find your mouth hanging open at times just like I did. It was a great book to mix in with the books that I’ve been reading & I’m so glad that I got my hands on this one. I will definitely be checking out other books by this author. Thank you, Jenn For, for one hell of a ride!

Review by Jessie L.

About the Author

Jennifer Foor is a YA and Contemporary Romance Author. She is married with two children and spends most days running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She enjoys reading (especially Indie Authors) watching shows from her DVR, and writing.

Jennifer Foor is the Author of the Mitchell Family Series, The Bank Shot Series, The Somonian Series and several stand alone books.

Find Jennifer Foor: Website, Facebook, Goodreads

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