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Fractured Souls by Jessica Sorensen ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content.

(A re-imagining of my young adult book, The Underworld (Fallen Star Series, Book 2) told as a New Adult Paranormal).

Gemma thought she had said her good-byes and had felt every possible emotion she could before her soul was detached again. Deep down inside, she hoped she’d never wake up from it because, in her eyes, life without emotion and memories isn’t worth living.

But she does wake up and discovers she can still feel and remember everything she experienced over the last few months. Alex is also telling her that everything’s okay, that he didn’t betray her, and that what she thought happened really didn’t.

Gemma isn’t sure if she can trust Alex, so she tries to keep her distance from him, even though the electric connection and her desire make it nearly impossible. The only person she can trust is Laylen, but even that becomes complicated when the lines of their friendship begin to blur.

While Gemma struggles with her emotions and relationships, she searches for her mother, entering a dangerous world of secrets, seduction, and evil. The further she digs into her mother’s secrets and past, the more she wonders what waits for her at the end of her search and if maybe some things are better left in the dark.


At first the kiss is innocent, simply two confused people making out on a porch, however the longer it goes on, the more intense it becomes until something snaps in both of us and the faint sparks blaze into a scorching fire. Before I can even acknowledge what he’s doing, he scoops me up in his arms and carries me into the house. Passion and heat take over and we no longer have control, but we never really did anyway. We’ve both been helpless against our emotions, without them and with them. The drives of our lives and our decisions have solely been based on what we didn’t and did feel.

I secure my arms and legs around him as he maneuvers through the screen door and into the living room, his lips staying fastened to mine the entire time. He trips over the threshold and my back slams against the wall as his weight crashes against me. He leaves me pressed up to it for a moment, his tongue slipping deeply into my mouth, and then he moves us away. He manages to find his way to the hall without breaking the kiss and starts to head to the room we’ve been sleeping in.

“Not in there,” I murmur against his lips as I thread my fingers through his soft hair. “My mom’s in there.”

Groaning, he turns the other way and stumbles into the vacant spare room across the hall. It’s smaller than the one we’re staying in and doesn’t have a view of the ocean, but I could care less at the moment what the hell the room looks like as long as it has a bed.

He continues to kiss me as he moves for the bed and then he turns around at the last second so we collapses onto the mattress with me on top of him. I straddle him as he presses his hands to my back, enfolding me against him. We kiss recklessly through our pain and confusion and the longer our lips remain sealed together, the easier it is to forget that this all might be an deception based on stars and misguided emotions.


I just have to put this out there.....I'm really not much of a paranormal fan but after reading Shattered Promises Book #1, I was anxious to get my hands on Fractured Souls and Jessica did not disappoint, I could not put it down.  There are only a few authors that I would immediately read  a paranormal series from, no questions asked, and Jessica Sorensen is one of them. 4 stars!

Fractured souls picks back up exactly were Shattered Promises left off....I would encourage you to re-read Shattered Promises before you are thrust back into Gemma, Alex and Laylen's world I did, or I think I would have been a little confused just because I read so many books and it's hard for me to remember all the details. Besides that, I love the adventures and dangerous situations that Gemma finds herself in while trying to figure out how to save her mother from the Underworld and find out more about her existence. Then we get the yummy love triangle between Gemma, Alex and Laylen.....did I mention I love triangles? Gemma has such a connection to Alex and the scenes with him are STEAMY HOT but she has a hard time trusting Alex because she knows he is keeping secrets. Gemma and Laylen also have a connection and she trusts him undoubtedly, Gemma knows she has to choose, the big question is....who's it going to be? There are several twists and turns and secrets revealed in Fractured Souls also that I'm sure will keep us guessing until the very end of the series!

Fractured souls was a great sequel but be ready, I need book 3, Broken Visions immediately! This one left me hanging!!!!

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The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains
of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.


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