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Sharing Harper by V. Murphy ~ Blog Tour


I’m not very good at sharing, especially when it comes to you Harper.”
A pain too hard to understand.

A struggle too deep to reach.

A love too complicated to work…but too intense to let go.

Harper Mae ran as far away as she could from her abusive past. She went to a different city and numbed her pain by using men, never sleeping with the same guy more than once.

Ryder worked at a coffee shop trying to blend in with the rest of the world, desperately trying to live a normal life. After leaving a relationship and losing his family, he vowed never to fall in love again.
Until one day they are unexpectedly drawn to each other unable to let go.
Harper and Ryder’s turbulent relationship, two people who are struggling to find themselves, realize the answer lies within each other.

Secrets, so deep, that both have, end up surfacing causing irrevocable pain.

Will their love be strong enough to survive or will their pain be the downfall to their relationship?

Will Harper open up enough to share her past with Ryder or will he be just another number on her list?


Sharing Harper 3.5 stars

Sharing Harper started out strong. Harper is a badass, independent chick and I liked her from the beginning. She has had her heart broken by someone in the past and is not keen on the idea of having it broken again. So, she uses men and keeps her emotions on lock down.

Along comes Ryder. She is instantly attracted to him and it scares her. Of course they keep bumping into each other. He comes to her rescue one night, when she gets herself into a really bad situation with a strange guy at a club and is almost raped.

The sexual chemistry between Harper and Ryder is strong. The sex was really HOT! Victoria Murphy knows how to write a very steamy sex scene!

The emotional connection is where I was a little lost. I feel like it was too much, way too fast and I just never got on board with the declarations of love and staying together forever after literally just hooking up once.

I was annoyed with Ryder because he said and did things to make her question him that were just really for lack of a better word stupid. The following quote is what he says to Harper after having sex with her the first time.

“Tonight was unlike I have ever experienced in my life. There has only been one moment in my life far greater than tonight and that moment cannot be recreated.”- Ryder

WTF?????… WHY would you ever say this to a girl? Let me add that he does not even clarify what this greater moment was or who it was with.

Harper and Ryder are both holding on to secrets from their pasts. She comes clean with him, which is really difficult for her and he is the only person she has ever confided in. Some of the things she tells him about her past are really graphic and I literally cringed reading it. (Great writing!) While she comes clean, he continues to hold on to his secrets, which really gets on my nerves!! Especially once he finally tells her and I’m like really??? That’s it? It just seemed like he was being a hypocrite for wanting her to disclose everything about herself while he is all mysterious. Then comes the big reveal and it was nothing compared to what she shared with him.

It turns out Harper is actually quite vulnerable and very broken. I LOVED her. She has had a really shitty hand dealt her, but learns to overcome it and to love and trust again. I was very proud of her for finally working through her past.

“Life isn’t about the moments that people take away from us; it’s about the moments we make for ourselves.”

I gave Sharing Harper 3.5 stars. It is a really good read and hits on some tough issues. While I connected with Harper, I just didn’t with Ryder. Yes, he was hot and they definitely worked in the bedroom. I just couldn’t connect with him on an emotional level. 

*Review by Heather

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About the Author:

Her name is V. Murphy and she loves everything about reading (some may call her a bibliophile). She is a current graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and heading out west to live the California dream while pursuing her masters degree in school counseling at the University of San Diego. You can find her writing in a Panera, small coffeeshop or on campus. When she is not spending her time in school or reading, she loves to write, bake and shop.
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