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Skin Deep by J.M. Stone ~ Review and Spotlight


Oh, who was she kidding? Emma knew that going to the tattoo shop with her best friend, Allie, would result in getting badgered until she ended up with some sort of needle piercing her flesh in one way or another. What she didn’t plan on was ending up face-first on the floor of the shop with a busted lip. Or doing it in front of the hottest guy she’d seen since…well, ever.

Mortified, Emma never thought she’d ever step foot back in Skin Deep again. But fate, with a little help from Emma’s flighty best friend and a chance encounter with a fudge bar, steps in. Now Emma’s torn between taking a chance on getting her heart broken by the enigmatic, gorgeous Lucas, and playing it safe with good ol’ trusty B.O.B.

Lucas lets Emma know that he gets what he wants, and what he wants is her. When Emma gives in and quits pushing him away, she’s surprised at how quickly the walls around her heart crumble. She’s even more surprised that her unconventional, zany family just endears her even more to him.

But no one knows there’s someone that wants her more, and they’ll stop at nothing to get her.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to HOT sexual encounters, adult situations, and language.


3.5 Stars

There’s Emma … she's extremely likable because she’s, well, normal.  Her biggest struggles in life are being a size 12 on a good day (her words not mine!) and having a bit of emotional baggage after an asshat ex-boyfriend does a number on her.  She’s left insecure, self-conscious and intolerant of controlling guys.  Oh, and she’s 29!  YEA, a book about grown-ups (although these characters don’t always act like grown-ups!)!

And then there’s Luke.  Tatted up and hot as hell, he and his equally hot brother Brandon co-own a successful tattoo shop.  Luke and I got off to a rough start.  Early in the book, his need to dominate left me screaming “oh HELL no!” but the next minute I’d be like “oh Sweet Cheeses YES!”  when his sweet, sexy side surfaced.  Luke hasn't had the easiest life but he’s worked hard to make the most of it and get what he wants.  And what he wants is Emma.

After Emma’s face plant grand entrance into Luke’s tattoo shop, their attraction is mutual and instant.   Despite Emma’s hang-ups and insecurities, they get busy early on and never look back. There’s lots of sex … and their chemistry is hot.

“I’m going to lick every inch of your body, eat you til you come, and then f*ck you so hard you’ll still feel it next week.  But for now, you’re gonna strip.  Then your (there’s a typo!) gonna undress me, and then you’re gonna take me in that sweet, sassy mouth.”  Luke
Sir, yes Sir!

Even though she’s extremely attracted to him and wants to explore a relationship with Luke, Emma struggles with his controlling tendencies and fights his advances.  Luke, however, is relentless in his pursuit of Emma.
My phone beeped and I looked at it.  It was a message from Luke asking where I was.
Out.  We’re done, remember?  I typed and hit send.
No.  We’re not.  Where are you?
I sighed before responding.  I said I was out.  Luke, you can’t just barge into my life and take over.  You can’t just get it into your head that I’m yours, either.  We f*cked.  That’s it.
You know, for such a cute little thing, you’re a real pain in the ass.  Where are you Emma?

Emma doesn't stand a chance!  In addition to Luke’s patient persistence, Emma’s best friend Allie and her sister Leah are pushing her to accept Luke into her life.  Everyone is Team Luke (me included!).

 “You. Are. Moving. In. With. Me.  I want you in my bed, every night.  I want to wake up with you in my arms every morning.”  Luke

Poor Emma … Not. A. Chance.
Did I mention there’s a lot of sex in this book?  Oh yeah, I did but it’s worth mentioning again!

“You don’t know what you’re asking for Emma.” 
I moaned into his mouth.  “I want it Luke.  I can see it in you, can feel your restraint.  I want your darkness.”
Careful what you wish for Emma ...

They teeter on the brink of BDSM and voyeurism but it never gets to an uncomfortable level if that’s not your thing.
One of the things I liked most about this book is the secondary characters.  Emma’s big, crazy family is ever present as is her best friend Allie who has her own thing going on with Luke’s brother Brandon and their friend Jackson.  Sit tight because book #2, Under My Skin, will center on Allie, Brandon and Jackson.  Oh, and I love Doug.  You will too.

No spoilers here but Emma and Luke face a pretty big hurdle toward the end of the story.   It’s a bit shocking and graphic and seemed to be a little rushed but I suppose every love story needs that one big obstacle to be complete.

I really enjoyed Emma and Luke's story.  All in all, Skin Deep is a good first book from Ms. Stone. I really want to give it four stars but I found myself re-reading some parts to better understand her point and got distracted by the typos at times.  No doubt though, this love story is charming enough to overcome those minor shortcomings and is definitely worthy of your time.

 Review by Serene 

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J.M. Stone is a legal assistant by day, and a writer by night. She started writing at a young age, mostly poetry and song lyrics, some of which were published. She currently lives in Ohio where she's lived for most of her life, and enjoys spending time with her other-half, their mouthy daughter, two spoiled and crazy dogs, and the rest of her abnormal family. (Don't worry, abnormal is good!) In her spare time, she loves to read, write, sing, and make people laugh, which usually happens at her own expense! Skin Deep is her first novel, and is the first in the Skin Deep series.

She loves to hear from her readers, so drop her line at

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