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Who We Are by Shanora Williams ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


“I thought I had gone through something much worse. I thought the abuse and pain from my mom and step-dad was bad, but this? This heartache? This pain? This depression? This gut-wrenching, heartbreaking moment? This knotted up feeling in my gut, the tightness in my throat, the ache in my chest? It was slowly but surely killing me.”

Eight months.

That’s how long it’s been since Eliza last saw Gage and they both feel as if they don’t deserve one another’s forgiveness. He screwed up. She walked away without looking back. They’ll try and make up all the time they’ve lost with one another, that is until they’re facing the choices of either going their separate ways, or hanging on and fighting for dear life.

The fights will be endless. They heartache will be real. The demons will return, and they won’t back down without a fight.

There are some who will do anything to keep true love apart, and those same people will dig deep into their demonic ways until Eliza and Gage are literally no more.

Can Eliza and Gage overcome it all? Will they be able to face the true demons that are seeking to destroy them? Or will they just forget about everything they’ve worked so hard for and go their separate ways?
Sometimes you have to go through struggles in order to reach an ultimate point of peace… but will
their struggle be worth it?


Who We Are (Fire Nine #2) - Shanora Williams

4.5 Stars

I could not wait to get my hands on this book! I’ve been left on my knees like Gage at the end of Who He Is. I fell in love with Gage Grendel, the lead singer & lyricist for FireNine. His heart was broken when Eliza White left him. It wasn’t an easy decision for her to make either. She was just as torn, but she had set a goal to finish at the University of VA and get her art degree. I admired her for sticking with the goals she had set for herself even if it was at the expense of having a broken heart.

Now eight months have passed since she broke off her relationship with Gage. They have had no contact and she has avoided going home to visit because she knows that Gage & the rest of the band hang out at her Dad’s house. He’s the band’s manager. But now the time has come for her to start her internship at Arts Global and she can’t avoid going home now.

“Gage----I’m sorry. I----” ~ Eliza

“Eliza,” he said raggedly, shaking his head. “Don’t. I understand we all have dreams. We all have that one thing we want in life, but can I not be a part of that? Can I not be a part of you accomplishing those dreams? I’m not asking you to drop out of school or drop everything for me. If anything, I want you to finish, but I want you to do it with me.” ~ Gage

This is full of wants, desires, dreams, frustration, heartache & loss. Longing to be with the one that you know completes you. Eliza knows she hurt Gage and let their love go, but she continues on with her internship. In the mix of this, Penelope Binds, the daughter of the head honcho for FireNine, still has her claws in Gage. She will hold anything over his head to have him. Gage is stuck in the middle and I didn’t care for his weakness in his decisions regarding Penelope.

This story had it's ups and downs and I really enjoyed the turmoil, reconnections and the outcome at the end. The sub characters definitely added to the story’s enjoyment. I recommend checking this book out, but read Who He Is first.

Review by Jessie L.

Meet Shanora:


Shanora Williams was born and raised in Matthews, North Carolina. She’s the author of the New Adult series, OBTAINED and the Best Selling New Adult novel, Hard to Resist. Her upcoming mature New-Adult/Adult novel, Who He Is, will be released in July of 2013.

When she’s not writing, she’s happily reading or watching cartoons like the big kid she is. She has a wonderful family that you will hear her brag and talk about all of the time. Whenever she just wants to get away from the words for a while, she’ll spend some time with her loved ones, eat gummy bears, or drown in Coca-Cola and anything else caffeinated.
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