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Used by Kate Lynne ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Title: Used
Author: Kate Lynne
Release Date: September 19
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Hosted by: Love Between the Sheets


The name's V. I'm beautiful in every sense of the word physically. But on the inside, I'm a black pit.

If you're expecting a happily ever after, a white picket fence and 2.5 kids; then this isn't the story for you.

There aren't any happily ever afters in the works for me or those whose lives I poison.

I hold the key to my pleasure and I'll be damned if I ever give it up again.

God forsake those that stand in my way of ultimate gratification.

You may regret me, but you'll never forget me.

Use or Be Used, there are no other options.

** Warning ** 18 years and up for adult situations, language, sexual content, and violence. * This story contains dirty words, dirty sex and an even dirtier twist. **


I was so excited about reading this novella because from the synopsis I knew it was going to shock me and take me out of my comfort zone....I need books like these because if I read too many sweet novels in a row I just get burnt out. This was a quick read that left me wanting more and I can't wait for the next installment to see what V is up to because V is bad.....such a naughty, naughty girl!!! 4 stars.

I look like an angel, but I'm built for sin. And I sin, oh how I sin. 

Basically, Used is giving us an introduction into V's character. You learn what happens in V's past that makes her the person she is today. V uses people...male or female it doesn't matter. V's body and looks drawls people to her, once she gets what she wants, she is done with that person...let's just say she gets rid of them in her own way.

To sum it up, if you like dark books that shock you and take you out of your comfort zone this one's for you. The sex was downright dirty and sooooo freaking hot, and the story was raw and had a twist I didn't see coming. Do you feel like being Used?

*Reviewed by Brandi

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  1. Thank you Brandi and Sugar and Spice book reviews for participating in my blog tour!! I'm so glad you enjoyed V and her wicked ways.. I love your ending to the review...haha. I hope that if you get time you can post on amazon or GR. <3 XOXO happy reading!