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Once Upon An Ever After by Angela N. Blount ~ Promo

Once Upon An Ever After
by Angela N. Blount

Released July 2014

Set after the events of Blount's debut memoir, Once Upon A Road Trip, this short story anthology focuses on the unusual courtship of Angeli and Vincent.

When Angeli left Minnesota on a post-high school road trip, all she wanted was to see the East Coast and finally meet some of her online friends. She didn't expect to end up in a long-distance relationship with a computer-savvy Southern boy. Yet Vincent seems determined to defy the odds. To prove his intentions, he sets off on his own quest to visit Angeli and win her family's approval. But along the way he’ll have to contend with her offbeat friends, trigger-happy father, and a few questionable run-ins with Northern hospitality. 

South meets North this time around, and "normal" isn't anywhere on the map.

With a thousand miles and radically different upbringings between them, can Angeli and Vincent forge a forever-worthy bond? Or are the roadblocks they face too much for either of them to overcome?

What are reviewers saying?
This is an absolutely beautiful and sweet coming of age memoir and I went through every emotion whilst reading it. I laughed, I nearly cried but was quickly picked back up and read the rest of the story with a big grin! Is it too much trouble to be hoping for another installment to this? I can't get enough of Vince and Angie's story! Inspiring through and through! A big 5 stars from me on this review! Sky on Amazon

If you haven't yet read Angela's amazing awe-inspiring memoir, Once Upon a Road Trip, I'm telling you to go out and get it now! I have never meant that sentence more. Once Upon an Ever after wraps up Angeli's and Vince's story perfectly and has you happily sighing, laughing out loud and hoping their story will be a happily ever after. Bonny Bon Bon on Amazon

A little About the Author
Award-winning author Angela N. Blount is a Minnesota native, transplanted to the deep South--where she currently resides with her understanding husband, their two children, and a set of identity-confused cats. A Registered Nurse by trade, she is also a freelance content editor, former book reviewer for RT Book Reviews, a memoirist (though, not much a fan of referring to herself in first-person *cough*), craft blogger, sporadic poet, and webcomic artist. 

Angela is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America, and was named a finalist in the 2012 Sheila, Laurie, and Orange Rose contests. She also took first place in the 2012 OKRWA Finally A Bride contest. In 2014 her debut memoir, Once Upon a Road Trip, was an NIEA finalist, a Chanticleer Journey Award finalist, and winner of the silver metal in the Literary Classics International Book Awards.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys reading, coffee shop loitering, and all things geeky. Her latest project is a YA sci-fi series.

Don't forget to grab a copy of 
Once Upon a Road Trip

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Til Death by Bella Jewel ~ Release Day Blitz and Giveaway

Title: 'Til Death: Volume One
Series: 'Til Death #1
Author: Bella Jewel
 Release Date: November 25, 2014


They say there's a fine line between love and hate.

There is.

I married a douchebag.

I didn't know it at the time.

He came in like a handsome stranger and blew me off my feet.

I fell madly in love, like the naive girl I am.

Then he left me high and dry.

Turns out, I was nothing more than a business plan for billionaire playboy, Marcus Tandem.

He needed to be married in order to obtain his grandfathers business, and I was the poor victim in his path.

I believed in what we had, until the truth reared its ugly head.

I never meant anything to Marcus. Not a damned thing.

With my world spinning on its axis, the girl I once was has long since died.

Instead he left me as this empty, emotionless shell.

I may have made a vow before God to love and cherish him ‘Til Death do we part, but it’s time for me to give back to Marcus, exactly what he gave me.

He has to pay.

And pay he will.

*This is part of a two book series and it will contain a HEA – Readers over 18+

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I really liked this first installment of Til Death! I think that this is one of those books you will either love or hate, mainly because the characters will either irritate and annoy you or fascinate you. I was fascinated right from page one, and while Marcus may come of as a monster, and Katia too na├»ve….I’ve read male leads and female leads that are alot worse. 4 stars. 

Marcus Tandem lives for one, any hook-ups with women are strictly for pleasure…they mean nothing. When his grandfather dies, he is shocked that his grandfather leaves a stipulation in his will that in order for Marcus to take over the business (which Marcus has been running) he must find a wife.

Katia’s social life pretty much doesn’t exist. She doesn’t date, she rarely gets out with her friends…she works long hours to pay the bills to help care for her ailing mother. When she meets Marcus, he instantly seduces her. She expects a one night stand, she is surprised when she is swept off her feet and falls hard. Little does Katia know Marcus’s intentions aren’t honorable, he doesn’t return her love…he is a hard man, and Katia is the perfect candidate for the marriage of convenience that he needs.

I devoured this book in one sitting. I sat through the entire book with my heart in my throat anxiously flipping through the pages. I loved all the twists and turns, the flashbacks, and the fact the Marcus started to actually feel something! I can’t wait to get my hands on book 2. Bella Jewel is quickly turning into one of my favorite authors!

*Reviewed by Brandi

Book Trailer

Author Bio

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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Finding Laila by T.K. Rapp ~ Cover Reveal

Title: Finding Laila
Author: T.K. Rapp
Release Date: Jan 13, 2015
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Joey, Cole, Haden and Braxton have been a constant in my life since I was five, and I have loved being one of the guys.
I’ve been cheerleader.
I’ve been study partner.
I’ve been listener.
When we’re young, we don’t realize the profound impact certain people will have on our lives. I had no idea twelve years ago I’d meet four boys who would turn out to be my best friends, my soul mates - my barmy.
Now school is almost done, our last summer together is drawing closer, and I’m trying to hold on to what we have while I still can. After this we’ll have to say goodbye to each other, as our choices will take our lives in different directions. But I don't know if our friendship can survive once secrets and surprises begin revealing themselves to us at every turn.
When it’s all said and done, will our friendships remain unbreakable? Or will our once strong bond prove to be weaker than we anticipated?
Letting go is harder than I thought, but some changes are necessary.
And finding Laila…finding myself…may be the greatest journey of all.

“I guess we know the flavor of the week,” a female voice says from behind me, causing several others with her to laugh.
I know they’re talking about me. They’re always talking about me. It’s been this way since I was in seventh grade, but I’ve made it my mission to ignore it.
“She certainly gets around,” another voice chimes in.
Cole is sitting to my left, Haden to my right and both guys are staring at the field, but neither is paying attention to the game. I watch out of my peripheral as Haden’s forearm muscles tense and relax while Cole bites his lip. They are intently focused on the words being thrown at me, but keep quiet for the time being.
“She must be good because they all stick around,” a guy’s voice states in salacious tone that makes me nauseous.
I don’t wait for another barb to be hurled my way, even though I know it’s coming. I throw my arm around Haden and whisper something in his ear before kissing his cheek then turning to do the same to Cole. I lean forward to see Joey, who is next to Cole and give him a wink, “I’ll get you later, Baby.”
He shakes his head and laughs, “Why must you stir the pot?”
Haden smiles - proud of my display - and it pushes me on.
I turn to look at the three classmates who have stopped chattering long enough to watch my little show, jaws hanging open. I shrug my shoulders, and answer Joey, “I’m just giving them what they want.”
One of the girls, Kasey, looks at me and raises a brow, “And what about Braxton?”
I glance over to Cole who’s listening to everything, but is still watching the game. He smirks, as if he knows what’s coming and a smile of my own begins to break.
They are gawking at me when I turn and wet my lips before winking at the girls.
“If he wins, we all win,” I say huskily.
“Touchdown!” The announcer yells and the crowd jumps to their feet to celebrate. All but the three jerks behind me.

T.K. Rapp was born and raised in Texas. She would have stuck around there forever, but her husband was in the U.S. Navy, so they moved every 18 months. However, she didn't mind, because she had the opportunity to live on both coasts and met amazing people along the way.
Now, finally settled back in Texas...for good, she is able to pursue her writing. When she's not at her desk, she enjoys being with her family, visiting with friends or just watching movies. But mostly just being with the family.

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Braydon by Nicole Edwards ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Publication Date: November 24, 2014

From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nicole Edwards comes the sixth searing adventure in her Alluring Indulgence erotic romance series, which follows the seven Walker brothers and their sizzling-hot love interests!

Braydon Walker has always shared everything with his identical twin brother Brendon—hopes, dreams, career choices, and yes, even women. Known for tag-teaming their love interests in every way imaginable, Braydon is surprised and unnerved when he finds himself wanting to keep their newest lover all to himself. Will the twins’ relationship evolve to fit this new mold, or will Braydon’s desire for independence tear them apart?

Haven't started the series yet? Get started now: Alluring Indulgence

Join us TODAY on Facebook for the Braydon release day event here: Release Day Party! 

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Lowdown and Lush (Lush No. 3) by Selena Laurence ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Lowdown and Lush
Lush No. 3
Selena Laurence
Releases November 18, 2014


Mike Owens is the devil. Sexy, snarky, and as lowdown as they come, he's one of the world's greatest guitarists and one of Portland's most notorious bad boys.

Jenny Turner is an angel. A preacher's daughter, she's a good girl with a great voice and a dream to hit it big in country music.

When these two opposites meet, the attraction is undeniable, but something's stopping the bad boy from pursuing what he desires most. Can this angel handle the truth behind her devil? Or will his secrets be too Lowdown and Lush?

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey…I just wasn’t sure what we were going to get out of Mike. I HATED Mike in L1! I hated the way he threw his friends under the bus, and Selena definitely had her work cut out for her writing Mike's character. It was a nice surprise to be able to get into Mike’s head and see his thought process, his reasoning for everything he did. I actually liked Mike in L3 and I just adored Jenny’s character. I loved Mike and Jenny together as a couple, actually probably more than any other Lush couple. "The Feels" in certain parts where great, I just wish I could have felt the emotion…the want…the need…when they were apart more. Overall, a great story! 4 stars.

I wish - for a day that’ll never come, and a dream that’ll never happen, with a woman who’ll never know just how deeply I feel about her.

Mike and Jenny are friends…strictly friends. Mike has been helping Jenny tour, helping her with her music, he believes in her musical abilities and believes she is country music’s next big star. Spending so much time together, Mike and Jenny both realize there is an intense attraction between the two of them…and they fight it tooth and nail…well, mainly Mike does.

When it’s time to record Jenny’s first album, Jenny and Mike are both in Dallas and spending more and more time together. Mike is determined to push Jenny away at every turn, and Jenny can only take so much. When circumstances beyond their control bring them closer than ever, will they give in to their attraction or is a future together just not in the cards for these two polar opposites?

“You’re the only one who could possibly fix me. You don’t know what you’ve done for me these last few months. It’s like you’re this bright light that shines in all the dark corners inside of me. I’m a better person when I’m with you.”

Lowdown and Lush gives us a peek at all of our favorite Lush characters, which I loved. We also get a peek at Mike’s past and it definitely sheds so much light on his character. Selena’s writing is always consistently good and I love the Lush series! If you haven’t read this series you should definitely give it a try, you can start with this freebie

*Reviewed by Brandi

The Lush Series

A Lush Triangle (Lush No. .5)
** FREE **

A Lush Betrayal (Lush No. 1) 

For the Love of a Lush (Lush No. 2) 

A Lush Engagement 

(Free Short Story) 

Selena Laurence is the Barnes and Noble Bestselling author of what she likes to call Edgy Contemporary Romance. Her books have been Amazon Top 10 bestsellers in multiple categories including Multicultural Romance, Hispanic Fiction, Urban Fiction, Military Romance, and Romantic Suspense. Her New Adult romance, Hidden, won the 2014 Reader's Crown Award for Contemporary Romance of the year.

Selena lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and spends a hell of a lot of time at soccer games, on her laptop, and reading. She requires a Mocha Latte every day to function, keeps a goldendoodle at her feet most of the time, and has more kids than she or Mr. Laurence know what to do with.

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By Way of Accident by Laura Miller ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Title: By Way of Accident
Author: Laura Miller
Release Date: Oct 21, 2014
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They say in every guy’s life there’s a girl he’ll never forget and a summer where it all began. Well, for me, 1999 is that summer, and Brooke Sommerfield is that girl. But that was nearly nine years ago. And what they don’t tell ya is that you’ll blink, and both the summer and the girl will be gone. 
I have no idea where Brooke ended up. She disappeared that same summer I met her. And kind of like when you move something on a wall after it’s been there for a long time and everything around it is faded, that’s how I feel about Brooke. She wasn’t there very long, but when she left, everything around her memory sort of dimmed. That is until a letter postmarked the year she left mysteriously resurfaces. And call me crazy—everyone else has—but I have to find her. I have to know what became of the green-and-gray-eyed girl who stole my last perfect summer. I have to know if she believes in second chances—because I do—even if they do come with good-byes.

They say in every guy’s life, there’s a girl he’ll never forget and a summer where it all began. Well, 1999 is that summer, and Brooke Sommerfield is that girl. I’m convinced she was an angel. My grandma always used to say that angels come in blinks. Brooke was just like that. She flew into my life and then flew right back out again—almost as if she were never there at all. But she was definitely there. And I’ve got her invisible memory to remind me of it. But anyway, that was years ago and yesterday when she flew in by way of accident. At thirteen years old on that hot June day, I only had three things on my mind: Cooling off, girls...and girls. So, I’d have to say that June 22, 1999, was also the best day of my life.
See, there was a creek that ran through the back of our property when I was growing up. It stretched the entire length and then jutted north and disappeared behind old man Brandt’s land. I had followed it one day when I was bored. There’s not too much more to do in Detmold, Missouri. They say the town, or what’s left of it, is named after some big city in Germany somewhere. I’ve never been, but I hear they’ve got old castles and big museums over there. And while we don’t have old castles or big museums, we do have an old building with weeds growin’ in it that used to be a post office...and big fields. We’ve got lots of big fields.
But anyway, after old man Brandt’s property, that winding, narrow stream crawled past a turn-of-the-century white farm house owned by a little old lady named Samantha Catcher. She doesn’t live there anymore. I guess that house eventually just got too big for her because not too long after Mr. Catcher passed, she moved to a tiny one-bedroom in the next township over. And now, she rents the old farm house out to people who are just passing through our little town. They stay a little while, and then soon enough, they’re on their way again. When I was young, kids would tell stories about why Mrs. Catcher kept the old place. Some said it was because it was haunted by her late husband. Some said she needed the money because Mr. Catcher gambled their life savings away before he died. But I know that Mr. Catcher wasn’t a gambler—well, beyond being a farmer—and I was pretty sure he wasn’t a ghost either. See, I was convinced that Mrs. Catcher kept that old place because it made her happy. I’d catch her in between renters plantin’ flowers in front of its porch or hangin’ a new welcome sign on the front door. She’d always be smilin’ then. See, Grandma also told me once that memories are invisible to everyone but the beholder. So I just assumed that Mrs. Catcher was looking at all her memories that nobody else could see when I would catch her smilin’ at that old house.
But all the same, that creek kept crawlin’. It kept on goin’ for miles after Mrs. Catcher’s place, but I didn’t. It was gettin’ close to supper time by then, and I was gettin’ awful hungry, so I turned around that day, and I walked back home. But the point here is that I knew that creek like the back of my hand, and I knew everyone who lived anywhere near it too. So that’s why June 22, 1999, was different. It started off normal. I baled hay. I got hot. I went to the creek. Believe it or not, I was on my summer vacation—right here at home, helpin’ my grandpa out around the farm. To me, it wasn’t much of a vacation, but my parents thought spendin’ some more time with Grandpa would do him and me some good. So, there I was on a Tuesday evening gettin’ ready to jump into that creek when I spotted somethin’—somethin’ that would stick with me for a really long time. And that day in the summer of ’99, I walked home with the best souvenir I ever got from a summer vacation—an invisible memory—of a shiny, little thing that would change my life forever.
But again, that was years ago. And now, I’m just left here smilin’ at this old creek just like Mrs. Catcher used to do at that old farm house. My mind just keeps replaying the little time I held Brooke Sommerfield. That beautiful girl is gone now, but I can still hear her in the wind. If I listen real hard, I can hear her laughter over the whip-poor-will, and I can hear her whisperin’ softly about the sky and its secrets and dreams and being happy. I close my eyes and breathe her in. She smells like daisies and fresh creek water—and summer. And all of a sudden, I hear a soft sigh rustlin’ through the trees, and I force my eyes open just in time to see a flock of geese—wings wide, toes spread—landing on the water.
“Life passes you by when your eyes are closed,” I whisper back to the wind. And then I smile wide, and I sit back against the grassy creek bank, and I watch my invisible memories play out just as if she had never left me.
That summer came slow, but it went so fast. Turns out, those endless days were never meant for the two of us. I never seemed to get enough time with her. Maybe it was because she taught me how to live. Maybe it was because she taught me how to love. Or maybe it was just simply because I loved her.
I sit back further into that grass, and I watch those geese float down the creek. All around me, the tree frogs are startin’ to call, singin’ back and forth about whatever it is frogs sing back and forth about. And I just sit there, and I think about that beautiful girl.
“I’ll find my way back to you, Brooke Sommerfield. As sure as the sun is gonna rise in the mornin’, I’ll find you,” I whisper to the wind. I tell it what I wish I could say to her. I tell it what I told her once before in a letter—a letter she would never receive until years later. See, that’s the funny thing about fate; it works around us, despite us, in spite of us, even. And it’s near impossible to figure out, until all the pages are in place. But all the same, that doesn’t stop me from prayin’. Every day, I pray that this wild ride fate’s got me on ends with her. I pray that you, Brooke Sommerfield, are on my last page. And I pray that page is a happy one. But whether it is or it isn’t, either way, I have to know what became of you. I have to know what became of the girl who stole my last perfect summer. And I have to know if she believes in second chances—because I do, even if they do come with good-byes.
But until then, Brooke Sommerfield, my summer angel, you and I will be what my grandpa always liked to call...unfinished business.


By Way of Accident was a very sweet, very beautiful story. I loved the synopsis, and loved the whole second chance at love feel. My only complaint is that while it was great to experience River and Brooke’s love as children, I would have really loved to experienced it more in their adult life….once they met again as adults, things just happened way to fast. Overall, 3.5 – 4 stars.

River and Brooke meet when they are 13 years old. River works on his grandfather’s farm and Brooke’s family is renting a house in town. They meet at the creek one day and become friends, from there that friendship develops into a very innocent love. Everything is going great until Brooke’s family who moves frequently, decide to move again. River and Brooke are torn about the move, but agree to write and keep in touch.

Brooke and River manage to correspond through letters but unfortunately years later, because of misdirected mail these two lose contact. They move on with their lives but River never forgets Brooke, he only hopes that wherever Brooke is she feels the same way. When a piece of mail arrives 9 years later, seemingly lost in the postal system from Brooke, River goes on a journey to find the love of his life.

Like I mentioned above, this story really is beautiful, the concept was great, and the story was well written. I just needed a little more emotion, a little more connection between the two main characters as adults.

*Reviewed by Brandi
LAURA MILLER is the national bestselling author of the contemporary romance novels: BUTTERFLY WEEDS, MY BUTTERFLY, FOR ALL YOU HAVE LEFT and BY WAY OF ACCIDENT.
She was born on a farm in small town, Missouri and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou). She later graduated from Mizzou with a degree in newsprint journalism and was a newspaper reporter in her former life.
Laura spent some time in San Diego, Calif., and Charleston, S.C., before moving back to the Midwest in 2011. She now lives in Kansas City, Mo., with her husband, a TV meteorologist.