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We would love to hear from you and take into consideration a review for your book! Due to the high volume of requests we receive daily, unfortunately we are unable to respond to every message. If your book is something we would like to review we will be in contact! We are currently looking for books that shock us and take us out of our comfort zone (dark reads). I (Brandi) am also a sucker for student/teacher relationships, friends to lovers romances, forbidden romances, MC books, and fighters *sigh* I love me a hot fighter!

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We are always open to reading literary works from up and coming authors and known authors as well.

Genres we prefer:

YA, New Adult, and Adult Contemporary Romance

Erotic Romance

Chick Lit

Besides our blog, the review will also be posted on our Facebook and Goodreads pages. We strive to be  honest and fair reviewers!

If you would like us to consider your novel, please email us at

Include your name, the name of your book, a brief description and websites that we can find the book on (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) and we will let you know if we choose your book for review! Thanks!

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  1. Greetings Sugar and Spice!

    Do you only review fiction? My book, CELESTIAL BODIES IN ORBIT: Memoirs of The Unknown Stripper, is non-fiction, though so many times in the era I wrote about I thought, "This stuff doesn't happen in real life, it's like something out of a book or movie." Yes, truth can be stranger than fiction, lol!

    I am currently doing a Goodreads Giveaway (ends 3/22/13) and will also be doing a Kindle Giveaway next week (3/18 to 3/21). I would appreciate anything you could do to help this newbie indie get the word out. I would also be honored if you care to review it.

    Link to Goodreads:

    Link to Amazon:

    Kind Regards, & Happy Reading!