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Tijan Franchise Blog Hop and Giveaway

Eeeeppp! I'm so excited to be a part of this blog hop! If you haven't seen any of my posts I LOVE Tijan's books! I'm super obsessed with the Fallen Crest series and anxiously awaiting Sustain! Tijan wrote a really long scene that is a mix of all her characters (or most of them!) be sure to check out my post of the scene below and all the other blogs.

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Tijan Franchise Excerpt:

The girl who had just joined the group lifted an arm and rested it on Bryce’s shoulders. She leaned against him and pursed her lips together, her cool gaze moving up and down Logan in a slow inspection. She had dark hair, dark eyes, and a don’t-fuck-with-me attitude. She hadn’t said a word, but the entire group was silent until she finished studying Logan. Then she said, “Inbred babies, huh? What’s your name, Daryl?” Her voice had a sexy, husky sound to it, but she seemed impervious. “Or Brother Daryl? Wait. How about Cousin Daryl?” She sneered at him. “Inbred shit’s not funny.”

“Sheldon,” the guy right next to her, Bryce, touched her arm. It was only one word, but it seemed to have worked. She stepped back and her shoulders lowered a fraction of an inch.

She rolled her eyes, but said, “Sorry. I could only see the headlines with that one. Not only did I kill my friend, but they’d be saying we were cousins or some shit like that.”

Logan didn’t look fazed. He cocked his head to the side, and a slow grin started to appear. “You’re a killer too? How many killers do we have here?”

Sam muttered, “Oh my god.” She grabbed Logan and pulled him over to them. “Stop talking about killers. We have enough problems, remember?”

Logan laughed. “Exactly. I want to be friends with these people. Fucking Sebasstion won’t even retaliate once word hits him who we roll with.”

Mason chuckled, though his brother had a point. He turned towards Jesse. “Your season is doing well this year.”

Jesse grinned, his eyes had been narrowed, waiting out the introductions, but they opened wider now. “Oh yeah.” His hand was resting behind Alexandra’s back and she moved further against him, melting into his side. “I’m hoping we’ll go final four, but sometimes we have no idea. Your season was amazing, though. Cain U trampled Grant West. It wasn’t even a close one. I’ll admit. I was bragging that I knew you during that game.”

“Wait.” The guy whose hair that Logan had been pretending was a bird’s nest lifted a hand in the air. “Logan Kade.” He pointed to Logan, then moved to Mason. “Cain University. Holy. Fuck. You’re Mason Kade, aren’t you?”

Mason nodded. “Hi, hello. We didn’t get the introductions finished, but yeah, I’m Mason.” He gestured to Samantha beside him. “This is Sam, she’s my girlfriend—”

Logan cut in, adding, “And my future stepsister.” He smirked at the girl, Sheldon. “Make an inbred joke. I dare you. It’s amazing.”

The girl frowned, her eyebrows furrowing together. “Huh?”

“Exactly. My quick wit has no match. Bow down, my future killer friend.”

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Sugar and Spice Book Reviews

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