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Seeds of Hate by Melissa Perea ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Book Description

They said high school would be fun.
They said we would make forever friends.
They said we would have the time of our lives.

They lied.

Seeds of Hate- Review 4.5 stars

Seeds of Hate is Melissa Perea’s debut novel and the first book in a duet. Book 2 will be out in the beginning of 2014. This book is unlike anything I have recently read. It is harsh, raw, rough, humbling, and inspiring; but most of all it is REAL. As I am writing this review, I am still trying to process this story.

Who were you in high school? Were you one of the popular kids, the jock, the book worm, the loner, the stoner, the bully, or were you the weird kid? We all had them… that kid everyone stays away from, whispers about, the one that never talks, or always says the most outlandish things. This book is about the “misfits”. It is not the typical jock falls for cheerleader or popular boy falling for bookish nerd. This is not the hot boy falling for the girl next door or his best friend’s little sister. This book has me remembering the “misfits” from my own school and wondering, who they really were. What was going on behind the scenes? What could they have possibly have done to deserve to be treated as an outcast? High school is a breeding ground for bullies and hate. What can be the most amazing experience for some is a living hell for others.

Javier is the main character in this story. He is literally surviving high school every single day. He is tortured by his past and his ex-best friend, Nathan. He has a new best friend, Izzy. They are the loners. Javier is the weird kid. Selah is just your average girl. She is not a part of the popular crowd and just tries to fly under the radar.

“I saw him. We all saw him. And yet, none of us, not a single person out of our group of rejects said a single word or offered to help.” ~Selah

One day Selah finally decides enough is enough and basically pushes her way into Izzy and Javier’s lives. Izzy is a lot more welcoming than Javier.

“Some people are born beautiful and it’s available for the entire world to see. Others have a beauty that grows within you. It’s separate from them, but a part of them. That was Selah. She had grown on me.” ~Javier

There is a lot to this book. I am not going to go into details because I don’t want to ruin the experience for any of you. You will discover what happened to Javier. I’m fairly certain you will fall in love with the amazing people both Izzy and Selah are.

Parents often tell you to enjoy those high-school years and soak it all in because before you know it, it is over. This is true, if you are one of those blessed enough to fit in. But what if high-school is your worst nightmare? What about those kids? What role could you have played in their lives? Could you have been that one person, who all the difference in the world to them?

What a fantastic and emotional read! I cannot wait to see where Javier, Senah, and Izzy go from here!

*Review by Heather

About the Author

I get very cranky when I am tired. If getting fat wasn't a side effect, I would eat freshly baked cookies and milk every day for breakfast. Currently, I have one kid, one husband and one dog. I plan to add more to
the kids and possibly the dogs, but definitely am keeping the husband to one. If for some random reason you stumbled upon my high school yearbook you would find a picture of me under "Class Clown". I have a college degree, but instead of earning dollar bills with my educated mind, I spend my days playing with my offspring. My life is super fun.

I write because I want so share my heart with you and make you think more about the world around you.
Melissa Peres was born and raised in Southern California. She currently resides in San Diego with her husband and children. Seeds of Hate is Melissa's first novel.

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