Monday, July 1, 2013

Made For You by Vi Keeland ~ Review and Giveaway

Made for You Synopsis

Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise. It was only supposed to be a fling. But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again. Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after. But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams. Can their love survive long distance? Sydney’s touring with a man every woman wants, but he only has eyes for Syd. And an unexpected tragedy leaves Jack feeling remorseful. Can the two find a way through to forever?

**If you haven’t read book one yet, Belong to You, it’s on sale this week for .99!**

"Made for You" Review:

5 Stars!

"I have no self control around you. Sex is usually a release of energy for me - when it's over, I'm done - but every time I touch you I only want you more."

This is the continuation of Sydney and Jack's blooming relationship. Sydney and Jack finally decide to give the relationship a try after several times Jack attempts to run from any type of relationship. He has never been relationship material but Jack can't resist Sydney.

"I knew what I wanted the minute I saw your face. I'm a man that gets what he wants, one way or another. "

As they begin their relationship, Sydney gets the offer of a lifetime to go on tour with her Best Friend Sienna with the hottest rock group. The problem is the tour is in Europe for 4 months. And of course this offer comes from the man Jack hates the most, his father. Sydney has to leave Jack behind to follow her dreams she gave up so many years ago and Jack knows this. Since Jack doesn't want to lose her by making the same mistake, he promises they will continue their relationship long distance and see each as often as possible. The tour is with a group that Sydney and Sienna are old friends with. One of the men Justin used to have serious feelings for Sydney. So of course she is back in the picture, Justin tries to worm his way back into her heart.

As the tour progresses and Jack and Sydney's relationship becomes more serious........things begin to unravel as they both try to understand and accept each other.

There were many twist and turns in this book to add to the stress of a blossoming relationship. Jack and Sydney both fighting their own personal issues and trying to understand and accepting the others flaws and downfalls.

Vi Keeland has totally sucked me in. She definitely has spent much time developing her characters and bringing them to life. I felt so connected and loved every part of each relationship in this series.....

Congrats Vi Keeland! Job Well Done!

*Review by Kim

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