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Breaking the Rules (Back to Brooklyn #2) by HB Heinzer ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


Growing up in small town Wisconsin, Carly Turner couldn't wait to escape when she graduated high school. Now, she's living the life in New York City, even if she isn't seeing her name in lights like she used to dream about at night. She's living paycheck-to-paycheck, working behind the scenes in small theaters off Broadway. When there's an equipment malfunction the week before opening night, Carly makes a call that winds up changing everything.

Life in the city isn't all it's cracked up to be. While she feels like she's getting closer to making the move from behind the scenes to center stage, she misses being surrounded by people who understand the quirks that come from living in a town of five thousand people. That, and the fact that he's sexy as sin, make Adam everything she feels like she's missing.

The only problem? He's her best friend's kid brother...

Adam Sanders wants to settle down, find a good woman and start a family like he sees so many of his friends doing. But how is he supposed to meet Ms. Right when he's constantly on the road for work? When he's sent to New York to handle a repair that would typically be contracted out as a favor to his boss, he's just about to his breaking point.

Everything changes when the stagehand sent to open the theater for him is none other than his big sister's childhood friend. The same girl he lusted after as a teenager. Could this be fate's way of showing him that he was looking in the wrong place for love?

As Adam and Carly's friendship develops, lines will be crossed and rules will be broken. Will they be able to come out the other side without destroying everything they had back in Brooklyn?

Adam and Micah Bonus Scene

“Nice to see you could show up,” Micah grumbled as Adam walked into The Oasis. “What the hell happened to you last week?”

Adam felt bad for missing the first night of summer pool league, but he wouldn’t have done anything differently if he had it to do all over again.

He had only been back in Brooklyn for a day and he already missed Carly. The last thirty-six hours of his trip definitely ranked high on the list of best days of his life. At dinner, Carly told him she wanted to continue seeing one another. In typical Carly fashion, she said she was interested, only if he could prove he was a good kisser. So, Adam did what he did best; he spent the rest of the night showing her just how proficient he was.

His boss was less than pleased when he called to say there had been a problem with his travel plans and he hadn’t been able to make his flight home. He neglected to mention that the problem was that his girl wasn’t ready to say goodbye. That worked for Adam because he wasn’t ready either.

And then, when he thought his trip to New York couldn’t get any better, he spent the night making love to Carly.

“Dude, what’s gotten into you?” Micah asked, smacking Adam in the back of the head.

“Sorry, what?”

“I asked what happened to you last week. You swore it wasn’t going to be a problem for you to be here and I wound up having to call Reyes to shoot for you.” Adam cringed, knowing better than to ask how the night went if Micah had to call Austin in. He might be one of the best guys in town, but he sucked at pool.

Adam took a long draw off his beer. He wanted to tell Micah about running into Carly, but they had decided to keep things quiet for now. Carly worried about what Julia would say if she found out. It made no sense to not say anything to Micah seeing as he hadn’t talked to Julia in nearly thirteen years, but she still made him promise.

“Work’s been crazy,” Adam said with a shrug. “They needed me to stay out in New York a bit longer.”

“Over the weekend?” Micah asked, knowing Adam was full of crap. ETS didn’t get to be one of the top companies in the state by paying for their salesmen to spend weekends out of town.

“Yeah, over the weekend. It was cheaper than flying me home and back out,” Adam fibbed.

“Bull,” Micah blurted out. “You wanna tell me what’s really going on?”

Yeah, I do. Too bad I can’t.

“Just let it go, man.”

“Whatever. Not like you have to answer to me,” Micah joked.

Adam could tell his buddy was annoyed by his evasiveness, but grateful that Micah wasn’t pushing. Over the years, he had become like a big brother to Adam.

With every bottle of beer Adam drained, it became more and more tempting to let Micah know what was going on. He didn’t want to screw things up with Carly and the distance was already bothering him. He wanted to go home and call her just to hear her voice but he knew that would come across as desperate. Maybe if he could talk to someone, he wouldn’t feel like quite such a pansy.

“Hey, I gotta head out,” Micah said about an hour after they finished shooting pool. “Gran’s cool with keeping an eye on Caleb, but that’ll change if I hang around drinking.”

“Cool,” Adam said calmly. “Tell her I said hi.”

Adam thought about asking Micah if he could come out to the house sometime. Even though Micah and Caleb were staying out at the farm, Adam knew Carly worried about her grandmother. It was something small, but maybe he could spend time with the older woman and ease Carly’s mind a bit.

The ten days before Adam got on a plane to New York couldn’t go by fast enough…


3.75 - 4 Stars

This is story is connected to Bent. I fell in love with Julia & Micah’s story and I’m so glad to read about Carly Turner, one of Julia’s best friends growing up & Adam Sanders, Julia’s younger brother.

Carly left Brooklyn, WI around the same time that Julia did after graduating high school. Both of them couldn’t get away from that small town of 5,000 fast enough. Carly is a set designer for a theatre company in NYC. Someday she’d like to become a director. This story opens with Carly having to deal with a problem with the stage lighting during Hell Week. The week of rehearsing & making sure everyone & everything is ready for the the show’s opening night. She places a call with ETS to find out what the problem is & who shows up to the rescue…..Adam Sanders, her best friend’s little brother. Only he’s not the gangly looking teenager she remembers. He’s grown up & makes Carly think & feel things she shouldn’t be having for him. This totally goes against the rules she’s set in place for herself.

Things start slowly, they reminisce & rebuild the friendship they had growing up. But the attraction is there for both of them & neither one wants to be the first one to cross the line, so to speak. After time, they decide to cross it & see what may develop. Carly has been on her own most of her life & doesn’t trust anyone with her heart. She has abandonment issues even as an adult. But how do you make a relationship that’s just starting out work when you’re in NYC & he’s in Wisconsin? They take every moment they can to be together. Adam travels a lot to the city & now he has more reason to want to be there. Neither one of them has told anyone back home about them being together. Secrets?? Feeling like Carly’s dirty little secret? I felt bad for Adam when he wants to tell his sister, but Carly isn’t ready yet. She thinks that Julia will be upset. Really?? I found Carly to be somewhat immature at times, but I took into account that she was abandoned by her mom when she was a toddler & it had a lasting emotional/painful effect on her as an adult. Adam is patient and surprised by the deep feelings he’s beginning to have for Carly. And he wants more. Will Carly give him that or run for the hills?

This was an enjoyable story of breaking down the walls around your heart to finally let someone in & taking chances. I also loved Gran Turner, Carly’s grandmother and the one who raised her. I can picture her out on the porch, on her farm, in her rocking chair at the end of the day. And even though Gran is getting on in years, not much gets by this woman.

All in all…this was a great book to read & I will continue to grab this author’s books!

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Meet the Author:

With the exception of three years spent in the middle of Nebraska, H.B. Heinzer has called southern Wisconsin home. During that time in Nebraska, she imagined one of her favorite authors living on the far western edge of the county, just south of the highway. At the time, becoming a novelist was a distant dream for her. Now, she is the author living in that location. Ironically, she later found out that same favorite author lives just outside the town HB lived in for the first eighteen years of her life.
Now, HB lives in the middle of nowhere but still close enough to the city to not feel isolated. It's the perfect place to let her two kids run and explore their huge yard, teach them about the food chain as they prepare their first-ever garden and debate building a chicken coop. It's one of those dreams that is only possible thanks to the amazing opportunities that have come through writing.

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