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A Brand New Ending - S.A. Rolls ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Title: A Brand New Ending
Author: S.A. Rolls
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult


Phoenix Harper never imagined her life would come to this: A life not worth living anymore.

After a failed suicide attempt, Phoenix is sent to be observed at a local psychiatric hospital. There she meets Braeden Harris, a hospital aide with his own haunting past.

Not long after their first encounter, they feel an unexplainable pull towards one another. Will fate bring them together, or will outside forces tear them apart.

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4 stars

“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place, and then only will you truly realize how important your beginnings are.”

Phoenix Harper is a very broken girl. To stop hurting, she feels that the only way is to end her life. Some people end up accomplishing this task and leave loved ones and friends behind; others don’t succeed with the choice they’ve made and survive. I want you to remember that old saying, that I’m sure we’ve all heard in our lifetime, “Don’t judge others until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” I know I’ve said this to myself a few times throughout my years. We never will know or begin to understand why some decide to take this road. This story of this beautiful broken girl is heart-wrenching at times and then hopeful, too. It’s not all glume and dume. I don’t know that I would have normally picked this book up to read, but I had the opportunity to read this copy to review. And trust me when I say this…….”I’m so glad I was the one to receive this book to read. I would have missed out on a very good book.” Just when you think Phoenix gets the chance to smile again, she gets knocked down. She has strength in her that I don’t think she realizes she has it. I can feel it. Yes, this book will make you feel many things….sadness, hope, anger, hurt, happiness, pain and probably a few others.

Braeden Harris is a college student and an aide at the psychiatric hospital that Phoenix gets admitted to. He’s compassionate, thoughtful, caring, understanding and cannot help but want to be around Phoenix. Braeden’s life hasn’t been all peaches and cream either. He’s felt sadness and pain also. He’s definitely not unfamiliar with suicide. Someone he loved very much chose that road.

Braeden and Phoenix have this invisible magnet drawing them together. In my head I can hear….”things happen for a reason.” Just when you think these two young adults, who are broken, and may be able to put each other back together, events happen to them to prevent this healing. Will they find that life can bring smiles and joy back into their lives???? Hmmmm….I did smile, at numerous times, while reading this book.

“I used to sit here for hours by myself thinking about what my life would be like when I got older,” she states before pausing. “And never in a million years would I have ever imagined it would turn out like this.”

There is so much emotion. The other characters in this book; Braeden’s father, Dr. Neil Harris; his nurse, Chelsea; Braeden’s friend and co-worker at the hospital, Donovan; Phoenix’s roommate at the hospital, Rain all help in different ways to stitch these two back together. I liked every one of them. And they felt real to me. I am in awe of how this author wrote this story out for us to read. I have never read a book like this before and this author is new for me. The words just kept pulling me on the next page. And I was not expecting what I read in the last chapter. If you could see my face….you’d see my forehead wrinkled up, my mouth hanging open and then a big smile.

Review by Jessie L.

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About S.A. Rolls:

S.A. Rolls is a native of the Bay Area, where she attended culinary school and obtained a degree in baking and pastry. When she is not baking, she spends her time reading and writing. Stephanie reads anything – from biographies of her favorite president to the most popular YA series. Inspired by her surroundings, she has written her first novel, based in San Francisco, her favorite city. She currently lives with her boyfriend and their five-year-old pug.

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