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Watch Over Me by Tara Sivec ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Book Blurb:

Addison Snow is your typical teenager. She has a family that loves her, friends that make her laugh, and
she's wrapped up in the excitement of graduating high school and going off to college to pursue her dream of
becoming an author. When her mother, who also happens to be Addison's best friend, dies unexpectedly,
her world comes to a crashing halt.

Death changes everyone...

To make the pain go away, Addison and her father travel down separate, dark paths. She chooses to end
her grief forever, while he drowns his sorrows in the bottom of a bottle. How do you learn to live again when
the most important person in your life is gone?

Addison struggles to pick up the pieces of her life. Instead of getting back to being the carefree teenager
she once was, she's stuck handling all of the responsibilities that should have been her father's. She has no
time to grieve, no time for emotions, and no time for happiness...until Zander Reinhardt walks in. All it takes
is one little handwritten note on a napkin to kick­start her back to life and help her realize that maybe there's
more to that life than pain.

But can it really be that simple? Can she really trust this man who makes her feel alive again for the first
time in a year?

Addison and Zander both have secrets they aren't ready to share. When the truth finally comes out, is it
enough to tear them apart or has something bigger than themselves always been watching over them,pushing them together, making sure they both get their happily ever after?


10 stars. Can I give a book that many stars? Well I am, so :p. Watch Over Me was one of those books that spoke to me on a personal level. Not with losing my mom, Thank God I don't know what I would do if I did, but the dysfunction of how Addison was.

We start the book off after Addison has lost her mother and how she is not dealing with the loss well. Then it fast forwards about 10 months and we now see this young woman with too many problems and no one to help her through them. Addison's father is back in rehab and has left Addison to deal with her mothers business. A 19 year old girl was running and operating a business by herself with the exception of her assistant Meg. Her life was turned upside down and in the end she just wanted to get through the day. We spend the book going through all of Addison's emotions, and she has a lot. Disappointment, anger, shame, loneliness, betrayal, being overwhelmed. I felt every one of her emotions because at one time or another I have felt the same way. Tara has done something that not a lot of authors can do. She gave me a dysfunctional book that was actually dysfunctional. I understand that flaws are what make a character in a book. But not a lot of authors know what that is. From the time I was born I was raised with the constant of I was not normal. I've been told by every person that has ever known me that I am not normal. I love that. But I also know that it was because I was raised in a very dysfunctional home. And I have first hand experience with what it looks like. And from reading Watch Over Me I know that so does Tara Sivec. There were scenes with Addison and her Father that could have been myself and my alcoholic father. Addison's feelings for her father may seem cruel and uncaring to a lot of people. But what a lot of people don't understand is that her feelings are the only ones she can have with him. She wants her father back. She would love to believe that this time is different. She just wants to be loved!! Is that too much to ask from her father? Sorry I'm projecting. But Tara gave me a book that held some of my darkest moments in my life and she gave them a voice. She gave them a name, a format for others to know that they are not alone.

Along with a very hurt Addison, we meet Zander. From the first scene with Zander in it I was in love. He was just everything Addison needed without knowing she needed it. He helped her feel, heal, laugh, smile, and do a lot of other things she hasn't done since before her mother died. He wasn't her saving grace, but he made her realize that she was strong enough to save herself. I understand why Zander did what he did. He also understood it was a mistake. But what I loved was that this wasn't just his fault. Addison shared in the responsibility for what went down between them. And in the end she realized that she was just as guilty as him. Most books he cheats or does something bad that is either unforgivable or just unbearable. Also I loved Meg. If I could suggest a book for her I would greatly appreciate it. I want to know her story as well.

Tara set the bar high with this book. I Loved LOVED her Chocolate Lover books. LOVED!!!! Playing with Fire series proved that she is not a one pony show. She can write anything and make you love it. But this book showed that she is in fact a person that has an actual story to share and be told. She has hurts and pains and she put them on paper so we know that we aren't alone. She did something most are afraid to do, she told her own story. And for this reason I give Watch Over Me 10 stars.

*Review by Rosa


T.E. Sivec is the pen name for Tara Sivec. Under T.E. Sivec, she delves into a more serious genre that is
her absolute favorite to read ­ romantic suspense. She loves reading a book and feeling her heart speed up
with anticipation and wanted to be able to give that feeling to her fans.
T.E. lives in Ohio with her husband and two children, living the dream of being a full­time writer.

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