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Love Plus One by Andrea Smith ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Title: Love Plus One

Series: G-Man #2

Author: Andrea Smith



It had been a year ago that 19-year-old Lindsey Dennison’s life had taken an abrupt turn. While away at Cornell for her freshman year at college, her parents’ marriage had imploded. Lindsey learned the harsh truth about her father, and his involvement in criminal activity that was the focus of a major federal bust. Her father had slipped out of the country with his lover and cohort in crime, Susanne, shortly before the FBI arrest warrants could be served. He was now a fugitive from justice, deserting his only child. Lindsey was left trying to pick up the pieces of the life she now realized had been a house of secrets and lies for all of those years.

After her mother’s marriage to Eric Slater, one of the special agents of the FBI involved in the federal investigation that occurred in their hometown of Indianapolis, Lindsey decides to start fresh at a new college close to where her mother, step-father and baby brother Bryce are now living outside of Washington, D.C.

Life is different now for Lindsey, but it is about to change even more. Her step-father’s partner and best friend in the bureau, Trace “Taz” Matthews, is about to rock her world in more ways than one. Taz is nearly ten years older than Lindsey, but her initial interest in him is physical only. Lindsey has a problem that she is certain Taz can fix . . . but will he?

Despite their best efforts, Lindsey and Taz are tossed together by fate on more than one occasion, and this G-Man does not appreciate the distraction. There are complications for Sammie and Slate along the way as well. A risky pregnancy for Sammie requires the family to pull together and Lindsey’s life suddenly becomes increasingly complicated.

There is a budding romance on the horizon for Lindsey with a wealthy, Ivy-League type guy she meets at school by the name of Kyzer Stanfield. Kyzer’s interest in Lindsey does not sit well for Taz. When Lindsey must leave school to return home to help her mother, Taz is relieved that she will be distanced from the pursuit of Kyzer. . . but not for long.

Things are never quite as they seem. Lindsey will learn a brutal lesson about trust, compassion and strength. Taz will learn lessons about love, intimacy and honor, and that sometimes doing the right thing has consequences.

Warning: Explicit Sex, contains rape scene

Sweet Baby Taz! TAZ IS SMOKING HOT!!! Damn, I'm officially in love. Slate than's a girl to recover after these G-Man series men? I was new to this series and once I got my hands on the first book Diamond Girl and then Love Plus One I devoured them, in one day....and they are fairly long books, but they are soooo good you can't put them down! 4.5 stars!!

Poor Lindsey, she has had a lot happen to her in her life. Family issues, drama but she is one tough cookie and takes it all in stride. Then there's Taz....he's sexy, appealing, a player and he's Lindsey's step-dad's best friend and co-worker.  Lindsey's and Taz have chemistry but there's an age difference, Taz's relationship with Slate, and Lindsey is a virgin.  She decides she wants Taz to be her "sexual" teacher and Taz can't refuse for on! A no-strings attached relationship begins but soon we get feelings involved, family drama, suspense, and a gritty touchy subject matter that will knock you off your feet and take you on an unforgettable journey.

I highly recommend you read this series, it is now on my favorites ever shelf and I can't wait to see what is next for this series! Hot, alpha-male, tattooed, FBI agents with dirty mouths that are sexy as hell....yup what's not to love? And Andrea's from Ohio and so am I......hopefully one day I will get to meet her and fan-girl all over the place :)

*Review by Brandi



Andrea Smith is a recent self-published author. Her first book,’Maybe Baby‘ was published in September of 2012.

Her second book, ‘Baby Love‘ was recently published in December of 2012.

Her third book, ‘Be My Baby‘ was published in January of 2013.

Her fourth book, a novella titled ‘Baby Come Back‘ has been released. This book takes place during the end of Book #2 and through Book #3 and is written from Gina’s POV. It contains a secret from Gina’s past that she has told no one – until now . . .

Her latest book in a new series (the ‘G-Man’ Series) was released on April 12, 2013 and is titled, ‘Diamond Girl.’


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