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Sweet Temptation by Angel Steel ~ Blog tour and Giveaway


Skylar Montague has learned that nothing good comes from trusting others.... especially men. After escaping an abusive relationship she attempts to start a new life in a new city. Living close to her childhood friend Chantal, she's finally starting to feel at home. Men are the last thing on her mind, that is until she meets her smoldering bad boy neighbor Nathaniel Jackson. Her hesitation is huge, but the attraction is even greater. Nathaniel doesn't do relationships, just can't see himself as being a one woman man. His instant attraction to Skylar makes him think that he could change. Their connection is explosive. Nothing has ever felt this good. Being together with Nate, Skylar feels like she can finally trust a man. That is until they are presented with an unexpected surprise. Exes reemerge and with them a falling out neither saw coming. With all their past troubles and demons ready to emerge, can they escape the undeniable pull they have to each other, or will the dark past they both possess prove to be too difficult and keep them apart?

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Character Interview with Dom and Chantal

I am so excited to be doing my first character interview with Dom :) oh and Chantal too of course! I'm pretty sure I drooled when Dom walked in the door, he is so perfect *sigh* There couldn't be a more perfect guy to pop my character interview cherry ;)

(Spice) Welcome guys from Sugar and Spice, I'm so excited to have you here today!
Since it obviously has had its ups and downs, how do you guys feel about Nate’s and Skylar’s relationship?

(Chantal) I love them both, but I don’t know how to feel about their relationship. With everything that has happened to the both of them, (shaking her head) they just need to sort it out between them. I want them to be together; they are really good for each other and make each other very happy.

(Dom) Nate needs to pull his finger out of his ass, and stop the shit he’s been doing, other than that, they’re a great couple.

(Spice) How long have you guys known each other and how did you meet?

(Chantal) Well, we’ve known each other for 5 years now, and met at Joey’s one night, through a mutual friend.

(Dom) It was 6 years ago we met. (He looks over at Chantal) The first time I actually met Chantal was at a party that we both went to.

(Chantal) No we didn’t.

(Dom) Yes we did, you probably wouldn’t remember as you were drunk as a skunk that night and tried to get into my pants (He said laughing.)

(Chantal blushes)

(Spice) What qualities do you look for in a man/woman you would want to be in a relationship with?

(Chantal) Umm, well. (Looking around the room) one, I want someone that wants me for me, not to change me in any way. They need to be reliable, trustworthy, have a good heart and let me do my own thing. Looks aren’t everything, as long as they have those qualities, I’m good. (She smiles, then looks over at Dom)

(Dom) I want someone that is herself, in every way. (Running his fingers along Chantal’s shoulder) Someone that cooks, clean, (Chantal slaps him on his leg, grabbing her hand and placing it on his thigh Laughing), I’m joking. As long as she is herself, and doesn’t hid things from me, and has a nice rack, that’s all I need.

(Spice) *raises hands* I'm thinking to myself that I fit Dom's description perfectly.

(Spice) Since there is obviously chemistry between you two, any chance of a future hookup? Dom, if your answer to that is no, I am available anytime....just putting that our there.

(Chantal glances at Dom.)

(Dom) Well darling, I’ll leave my number for you, and we’ll get in touch. (Winking at you) (Chantal rips her hand off Dom’s thigh and crosses them over her chest and frowns) I’m not ready for a relationship right now. With my work schedule I don’t have time for it. But having some fun, yeah sure, won’t say no to that.

(Spice) *swooning*

(Dom reaches for Chantal’s hand again, but thinks twice at the look she is giving him)

(Chantal) There is chemistry between us, but that’s as far as it’s going to go.

(Spice) Dom since you are so big and muscular *winks* are you big everywhere? (*slaps myself* did I really just say that out loud?) Oops, What I meant to ask is what does your diet and fitness routine consist of? Chantal do you have a fitness regime you follow?

(Dom)    (Dom laughed, sits back and rubs the top of his thigh, near his crotch) (checking out the interviewer) Thanks darling, we can hookup and you can find out just how big. (winks at her) As to the diet and fitness routine. I eat what I want, I have a high metabolism, I work out every morning, running, swimming, weights, that’s it.

(Spice) *licks my lips* (thinking to myself good lord, this man is FINE!)

(Chantal) I watch what I eat most of the time, the only fitness I do is besides sex is yoga, that’s it. (She smiles)

(Spice) Obviously, with the way the book ended there will be a sequel. Can you give me a hint as to what the next book will be about and how big your roles will be in the next book?

(Dom) Both Chantal and I have a huge part in the next book. You will also find out what happens with Nate and Skylar and couple of the other guys. (Sitting back wrapping his arm around Chantal’s shoulder)

(Chantal) The next one is about us weather we hookup or not. And about Nate and Skylar and how that works out, I don’t want to give away too much.

Lightening round

(Spice) Favorite band?

(Chantal) Anything with a beat, love to dance.

(Dom) Don’t really have a favorite band, to many to pick from.

(Spice) Favorite drink?

(Chantal) anything with Vodka in it

(Dom) Rum

(Spice) On top or on the bottom?

(Dom) Either

(Chantal) Top is my favorite. (Dom groans)

(Spice) Favorite color?

(Chantal and Dom answer together) Red
These two really do belong together!

(Spice) Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?

(Dom) Both taste good together, especially on a female body, add strawberries it gets even better.

(Spice) Geesh, is it warm in here? *Fanning myself*

(Chantal) Chocolate sauce, it takes a lot longer to lick off. (Dom moves uncomfortably)

(Spice) Slow and steady or fast and Hard?

(Dom) Depends on the mood I’m in, but usually hard and fast and very deep.

(Spice) *coughs*

(Chantal, chokes) Either one (She whispers)

(Spice) Favorite food?

(Dom) Anything that I can eat off a body (he laughs) don’t really have a favorite.

(Spice) *squirming in chair*

(Chantal) Anything sweet.

(Spice) Thanks for joining me today for the interview guys, I really enjoyed talking to you! Oh, and Dom? Don't forget to leave me your number, I feel a definite hook-up is in our future that will include alot of whip cream and chocolate sauce! *winks at Dom*

OMG I can't wait to talk to Sugar and tell her all about Dom!!

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