Friday, January 18, 2013

My Misery Muse by Brei Betzold ~ Review

Sugar's review of My Misery Muse by Brei Betzold.

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First young love gets sidetracked by dreams that take them on two different journeys, but an unknown bond brings them back together again. Devi Porter an up-and-coming tattoo artist and Seth a bassist for the popular band My Misery Muse. When Seth and Devi meet up again, they get reacquainted, and they both realize they have a lot to work out between themselves, that were never resolved. When life throws obstacles at them at every turn, are they able to overcome them to become the family neither really had?


Seems like the theme these days on new books, has to involve a "rock star".  I haven't a clue why, many authors must believe that having a rock star in their book, is a guaranteed seller. 'Rock star' burn-out has occurred, and authors should move on, in my opinion.

"My Misery Muse"'s storyline was more original than your norm rock star book. It didn't revolve totally on the rock star and his band. It was more about a girl and her current life, and how it had all changed three years earlier by falling in love with a rock star. Time passes, and they for them in their current stages of their different lives.

The story is told from both Seth's and Devi's POV. I enjoy reading both POV's in a book, my problem with "My Misery Muse" was there wasn't a "break" between different POV's. It literally jumped from one POV to the other character's POV, from one paragraph to the very next. Needless to say, it confused me big time. I would have preferred a new chapter from a different POV or at least a huge blank space on the page between different views. Some typos which can be easily fixed, but nothing to where it interfered with me reading it.

The characters of Seth and Devin I felt were "shallow". They would have been great with more spunk, sexiness, and a tad of mystery, anything that would have made them more interesting. The secondary characters were barely noticeable. I found the story slow at times, but in the end, everyone loves a HEA, which this book had.

The author has a great talent for writing, I just felt she needed to add more "intensity" to her storyline, something that makes a reader "dying" to get back in the book.

I gave "My Misery Muse" 3 stars and believe future reads from this author will just keep getting better.

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