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Disarranged by Sara Wolf ~Blog Tour and Giveaway


After suffering through heartbreak, Rose is determined to move on without Lee. She can’t cling to her first love forever, and she knows that. As long as he’s happy with his decision, she’ll struggle to move on.

But when Lee's sister Grace invites her to a photoshoot in the French Alps for spring break, Rose quickly realizes it’s a trap – Lee and his new fiance Kiera are there too. Kiera toys mercilessly with Lee and Rose and their feelings for each other.

Even if Rose can muster the courage to be happy for him and Lee can suppress his pent-up desire for her, neither of them can deny there is something more that ties them together than love and lust. Fate.



Arranged by Sara Wolf






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3.75 Stars

Disarranged is the continuation of the story of Rose & Lee from Arranged. Hopefully, you've had a chance to read it by now & hated the cliff hanger ending as much as I did. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next and now I know.

In this book, Rose is moving on after Lee broke her heart. She's still best friends with his sister, Grace and Grace has invited her to come visit her in France during spring break. This time abroad is full of unexpected surprises. Some, I didn't even see coming; hitting me head on! And lets not forget about Kiera, the spiteful, evil girl that Lee left Rose for. She definitely makes her presence known in any way she can and flaunts that Lee chose her. Lee is stuck in the middle and will do anything to keep Rose safe from the threats that Kiera has made to him. Even at the expense of his own happiness and breaking Rose's heart into pieces.

"She is the black carving her way to find a greater love, I am the unwavering shield protecting the one I love." ~ Lee

"I shouldn't need to force you apart!" Her voice pitches up. "You agreed to marry me Lee! I filled my half of the conditions. I paid for everything. I stayed away from her for months. I've been waiting for you to fulfill your half! But you still hang on. Every time you look at her, I know you're still hanging on! ~ Kiera

Rose tries to stay strong and Lee still cannot resist finding any little bit of time to be near her. I enjoyed seeing the risks Lee took and having him become the man I knew her was all along. Disarranged reminded me of a sour patch candy......first it's sweet, then you get a burst of sour and then it's sweet again. I was pleasantly surprised with how this story unfolded and all it had to give me. And the ending was the sweetest revenge. evil deed goes unpunished.

Hope you enjoy the rest of Rose & Lee's story as much as I did. You can check out my review for Arranged, here, dated May 10, 2013.

*Review by Jessie

Author Info

Sara Wolf is the author of ARRANGED, a college-aged romance series centered on an arranged marriage. She’s currently working on her next New Adult romance series. She’s addicted to the Vampire Diaries, loves chocolate and romantic angst, and can’t get enough of damaged heroes.

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  3. I haven't started the series, yet. Looks like a great read. Thanks for the giveaway!