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Delight by Lexi Buchanan ~ Review Blitz and Giveaway

Delight, McKenzie Brothers, Book 3

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Kenza nightclub owner, Ruben McKenzie can have any woman he wants, but the only woman he wants is Rosie—his sweet innocent employee, who happens to be eleven years his junior. Watching her parade her hot little body around his club, serving drinks completely unaware of the attention she attracts is driving him to distraction. But when he sees a regular getting close to her, all bets are off.

Rosie has had more than enough life experience, but when it comes to matters of the heart—the one place that Ruben wants in—she’s completely innocent. Having no family of her own, it’s a dream to be invited to a McKenzie family gathering. Rosie always wanted to belong to a family like the McKenzie’s, but she’s afraid that if she gives her heart to Ruben and things don’t work she’ll be crushed, beyond repair.

Neither one of them may be able to keep their distance for long. The trouble that has been brewing at Kenza finally comes to a head, and when Rosie finds herself caught up in it, how far will Ruben go to protect her?


In this third installment of the McKenzie Brothers series you’ll learn more about the two remaining brothers, Lucien and Ramon. New players, Hunter and Julian, will be introduced.

None of my books have cliffhangers and they can be read as standalone, but to get the full background on the rest of the family then I do suggesting reading Seduce, The Wedding and Rapture first.

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Turning, I start walking upstairs with an added sway to my hips. Halfway up, I nearly stumble when I feel his hands on my hips, and then I do stumble and end up on my hands and knees on the stairs when he bites me on the bottom.
I can’t think, his hands are everywhere; on my breasts, my belly, my hips, and my legs before he moves under my skirt and rubs me between my thighs. Moaning, I drop forward with Ruben following me.
“You’re so wet. Have you got any idea how hot it is, knowing I make you so wet? I need to taste you.”
Ruben wraps his arms around my waist and hauls me up a few more stairs to the landing. Turning me in his arms, he lays me down and stays kneeling on the stairs between my spread legs.
My skirt is around my hips as Rubens slides his hands up my thighs to my panties, which he rips from my body. Holding them to his nose, he closes his eyes and inhales before shoving them into his pocket.
He strokes between my nether lips, coating his fingers in my wetness—driving me crazy. Losing all inhibitions, I yank my shirt over my head, following it with my bra.
“Fuck, Rosie,” Ruben hisses staring at my breasts.
Wanting to tease him, I bring my hands up and play with my nipples as I hear Ruben cussing before he inserts a finger inside me. I arch up from the floor in pleasure, not wanting him to stop.
My hands drop from my breasts when I feel Ruben’s very talented mouth on me—his tongue lapping me up before darting in and out of my channel.
Threading my fingers into his hair, he holds my quivering thighs open while he goes to town on me. I’ve never come this way before, but I feel the ball of fire gathering in my belly—the tightening in my nipples…
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I have loved the McKenzie Brother's series since the beginning and Delight was no different.  I loved the story and characters throughout the book and it was definitely a 4 star read for me!

Ruben McKenzie knew he was in trouble the day that Rosie was hired to work at his club, Kenza.  He was instantly attracted to her but tried to keep it professional since she was his employee.  When a new customer at the bar starts to show his own interest in Rosie, Ruben can't handle it and throws all his cards on the table.

Rosie has been in love with Ruben for months.  She knows he hates her since he won't even look her way other then to boss her around.  When he suddenly becomes possessive of her she gets confused of his feelings.  Ruben makes it very clear to her that she is his and won't have it any other way.

As their relationship grows, so does the trouble that's been happening at Kenza.  Ruben has to make a tough decision that could ruin his relationship with Rosie forever.  

I LOVE Ruben.  He's quiet and brooding but sexy as sin at the same time.  He wears his heart on his sleeve when he gives it to you and won't accept defeat when it comes to those he loves.  Rosie has been through a lot but all in the end just wants to find someone to love her and be happy with.  When these two finally get together the chemistry is palpable!  
I really enjoyed reading Delight.  It kept my attention from the very beginning just like Lexi Buchanan's others.  I am beyond ready for Lucien's story and to see where the series goes from here!

*Reviewed by Lauren



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