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Home Sweet Home by Scarlett Metal ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


Things for Lance and Samantha have been picture perfect since they reunited four years ago. They are happily married with a little girl and another baby on the way. Lance's career with the Forbidden Gods is stronger than ever. Samantha has some best selling books to her name and her writing career is taking off.

In just a few short months, that perfect world starts to shatter. Lance has to go on tour without Sam. He has creative differences with management over the band's latest album that have left him frustrated. He suffers loss after loss, not knowing if he can take much more. He turns to alcohol to numb the pain just like he did all those years ago when Sam left him.

Sam tries to be strong for her family when tragedy threatens to pull them apart but when Lance isn't there for her when she needs him the most, she questions everything she ever believed about them and their love.

Lance is lost and hanging by a thread. Can Sam save him? Or is it too late? Will Lance be able to find his way back home?

Excerpt #2 form Lance’s POV

The flight home was pretty uneventful. He tried to write, but he was too distracted by the thought of seeing his family. He thought about getting a small drink, but Sam would kill him if she smelled alcohol on him.

He tried to read, but the words on the page wouldn’t register. He put in his ear buds and listened to the playlist Sam had made for him before he left. It was filled with songs from when they were kids, especially their song, “I Remember You.” He put it on repeat and closed his eyes.

He woke up to the sound of the pilot telling them to fasten their seatbelts. He’d fallen asleep for most of the flight, but wasn’t really surprised considering the tough schedule they’d been on.

He started getting antsy waiting for the plane to land. When he finally got the okay to turn on his phone, the first thing he did was text her that he’d landed. Hopefully she and Emma were waiting for him.

She sent a quick reply that they were at the airport already. His head fell back on the seat. He was finally going to hold his woman in his arms and he wasn’t sure he would be able to let her go.

As he got off the plane, Lance had to keep from pushing people out of his way. He gripped his bag in his hands and took a deep breath. He couldn’t believe it, but he was nervous to see Sam.

He walked through the airport, looking around for them. His face broke out into a smile when he noticed her standing there, Emma next to her holding her hand. His pace quickened as he walked to them; they hadn’t seen him yet.

He scooped up Emma into his arms, startling her. “Hey peanut!” he exclaimed, planting a big kiss on her cheek.

She squealed and threw her arms around his neck. “Daddy!”

He glanced over to Sam. She was even more beautiful than he remembered – than what he

saw in his dreams. Her stomach had really popped while he was gone; he loved it. “Hey you,” he whispered softly, drawing her close to him with his free arm.

“Hey,” she replied, her eyes filling with tears as she buried her face in his chest.

“Shhh,” he chided, leaning down to kiss the top of her blonde hair. “It’s ok, I’m here now.” She nodded and sniffled. “I’ve missed you so much, Lance.” She looked up at him. He

couldn’t help but notice the dark circles under her eyes. Guilt stabbed at him for leaving her

alone while he went out and pursued his dream.

“I’ve missed you too baby,” he admitted, hugging her tight. After this tour, that was it. If she couldn’t come along on tour, he wasn’t going to do it. He wasn’t going to leave her again for this long.

They stood in the middle of the airport like that for a few minutes. He had his family back in his arms again and he wasn’t in any hurry to let them go.

Sam pulled away first. “Let’s get you home,” she said with a smile.

Lance grinned aback at her. “Yes, let’s get me home,” he agreed. He couldn’t wait to get back



3.5 Stars

To begin, this story is the continuation of 'I Remember You'. Lance and Samantha have a long history together which you learn about in "I Remember You".

Finally, after reconnecting and getting married and having a baby and another on the way this is where 'Home Sweet Home' begins. Life is wonderful!!! Both of their careers are on fire and their marriage seems to be rock solid. Well, that is until Lance's band Forbidden Gods has to go on tour to promote their new album. Things will be different this time because Sam can't go on this 3 month tour. She has her career of writing and book signings and then also being 3 months pregnant is just too much. Both are hating the fact of being separated.......Spending the last few years by each others side and now learning to live apart......things go down hill from here. After the band leaves for tour, Lance has several obstacles he encounters and doesn't seem to be able to handle the stress. Being married and the responsibility of having a family is a constant reminder of how he needs to keep his SH*T together while touring.......after concert parties, promoter issues, ex does he deal with it? He does what he knows best.........drinking. And during the 3 months of touring, his drinking progresses trying to deal with all the stress never letting Sam know until an accident happens. Truth comes out about how Lance has turned to drinking.......Sam is so distraught that he has chosen drinking instead of turning to her and his family for support. Eventually, after working through his issues......we do get the Happily Ever After!!!

This book was an okay read for me. The story itself was really good, just seemed to get boring at times and no real connection. As for the writing, it was good but nothing just brought me to my knees, or any type of frustration, or feeling any deep emotions.........I really wanted to feel one of these and didn't. But with that said, this is just my this story, you may love it!

Happy Reading!

*Review by Kim

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Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her family. When she’s not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a book, camping, or geocaching with her family. She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80′s hair bands.


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