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Irresistible Desire (The Savannah Triogy #1) by Danielle Jamie ~ Review

Irresistible Desire (The Savannah Trilogy #1) by Danielle Jamie

3.5 Stars

Savannah has been with Logan for 4 years now. I did find their relationship strange at times. They seem to spend a better part of the week apart from each other. He uses work as an excuse. Savannah doesn’t think too much of it & continues on with her work & going out with her girlfriend, Brooklyn. Brooklyn doesn’t care for Logan at all & doesn’t shy away from expressing it either. At the Masquerade Ball that Logan is holding, he pops the question, which is a total surprise to everyone, including Savannah because she didn’t see it coming. Within hours after this proposal, Savannah is given a girl’s worst nightmare.

But let’s back up. Before this event, Savannah meets Kayden Knox, Envy Magazine’s #1 Most Influential Man of 2012. He arrives in LA to do a face to face interview & photo shoot for the January issue with her boss/editor. The chemistry between these two is undeniable. Her words “His eyes are like volcanoes as full of explosive heat practically melting you in your seat”. But Savannah reminds herself to get a grip, she has a boyfriend & Kayden is the ultimate womanizer & there is no way he would be slightly interested in her anyway. At the end of this meeting, Kayden tells her that he looks forward to seeing her again when everyone flies to Houston for the party he is hosting to celebrate the magazine issue.

Giving up on love, Savannah hardens her heart. It’s kind of a hard task because her parents are famous country artists. So between them & Logan’s social status, she’s usually in the spotlight. She does follow through with her attraction to Kayden during the party in Houston & thinks that it’s a one time thing. She doesn’t expect more because she knows that Kayden doesn’t do serious relationships. But he’s as affected by their chemistry as she is.

While I enjoyed reading this story, at times I felt the dialogue was a little off. It appeared to be….I don’t know the right words I’m looking for here….but, I could feel my forehead wrinkling. The sex scenes at times didn’t seem to flow right for me either. But I still got into the storyline and wanted to see how things played out for these two since both of them had, in the past, had their hearts broken. I should have seen the ending of this book. But did I??? Nope and I was left with my mouth open saying “WHAT?” Did this author really leave me here like this? If she was standing in the same room with me, I would have walked over to her & shook her. I wanted need more, not to be left cut off at the knees. But all in all, it was a good read and you can be sure that I will be checking out Inescapable Desire (The Savannah Trilogy #2) to possibly be able to close my mouth.

Favorite Quotes

“I will forever be grateful to Kayden for showing me I am not broken and I can still feel something for a man after what Logan did to me”. -Savannah

“Savannah, for tonight please stop over thinking everything & just let go”, he murmured into my ear. “Let’s not try to dissect whatever the hell this is & just give into it & enjoy it for what it is….amazing fucking sex”.   - Kayden

*Review by Jessie, Guest Reviewer for S&S

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Author Bio (From Amazon Author Page)

I am a mother of three amazing children Madison, Bailey & Finn. I run a boutique "Bailey Booper's Boutique" my items have been on MTV Teen Mom 2!I love reading & writing, and finally decided it was time to actually write a book and complete it! I just finished writing the First Book of my 3 book series Irresistible Desire.

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