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Bullet by Jade Jamison ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


An Epic Rock Star Novel

What if you discover the man you want is toxic?

She tasted a little bit of heaven with him, and now they’ve gone through hell and back, but can their relationship take anymore?

Valerie Quinn is a na├»ve college freshman when she meets on-the-rise rock star Ethan Richards. He’s an idealistic, handsome, reckless young man, but he’s captured her heart. She doesn’t give up on him and eventually his walls crumble down. By the time Valerie has given herself to him completely, she discovers he’s damaged and may be beyond help. Can she save Ethan and their relationship before he implodes, or will he self-destruct and take her with him?


This was a great book and Jade is a great storyteller, I knew from the way the story started out and sucked me right in. You get a story about love, making mistakes, taking chances, and finding yourself with the added benefit of hot sexy rockstars and a female heroine who is front and center for all the action and eventually learns to hold her own, which I loved!  4 stars

This is the story of Valerie and Ethan. You meet Valerie in the present and the book goes back and forth between the present in the past.  Val starts out a young innocent college student and Bullet tells of Val's desperate attempt to hold on to her first love, the band's growth and touring adventures, her experience with other men, and finally ends with Val's transformation and her realizing she is exactly where she wants to be in life. Now, there were times that I wanted to throw my kindle and scream at Valerie....ugghhh please don't tell me you are gonna be one of those females! No matter how much you love a man once you see it with your own eyes enough is enough! But you know what they say, love is blind and even after all this, it was amazing to see Val's growth from a naive young girl into a sexy confident women.

Don't even get me started on Ethan, he really is toxic and he frustrated me to no end, honestly I wanted to cut his balls off!  I HATE him for what he puts Valerie through, but shockingly can't wait to read his book to see what his thought process was although I don't know if he deserves his HEA. (Your gonna make me eat my words about Ethan aren't you Jade?)

Brad also plays a big part of this story. He is Ethan's friend and their band mate. He is Val's rock, she just has to figure that part out.....he is kind, compassionate, loving, and would do anything for her and is there for her when no one else is.

Now after all my ranting,  what I want to say is this is how you know a book is amazing! Because I felt something.....I felt so many emotions while reading this book. Bullet was raw, real, gritty, frustrating, intriguing, sexy and a book you must definitely read!

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Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Jade-C.-Jamison/e/B004XO696S

Barnes and Noble - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/jade-c-jamison?store=ALLPRODUCTS&keyword=jade+c+jamison

Smashwords – http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jadecjamison

Jade C. Jamison was born and raised in Colorado, moved from one city/town to the next, and she’s decided she likes it so much she wants to stay…although travel is not out of the question. She lives in a big town in Colorado (not unlike Winchester!) with her husband and four children. She is working on becoming a crazy cat lady. Okay, so maybe not.

Still want more? Jade has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Theater, a master’s degree in English, and a master of fine arts in Creative Writing. Obviously, she loves school and the student loan folks love her. She works in human services by day, teaches English and creative writing at night, and—in between playing soccer mom and community leaderwrites like a fiend. Someday soon, she’ll narrow it down to just writing, but let’s get all those kids off to college first.

Website http://www.jadecjamison.com/

twitter username https://twitter.com/JadeCJamison

Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/JadeCJamison?fref=ts

Goodreads Page http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4876604.Jade_C_Jamison

Goodreads book link http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17182172-bullet

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