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Infatuation by Nicole Edwards ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Erotic Romance – intended for mature audiences

McKenna Thorne, owner of Sensations, Inc. – an online magazine geared toward libidinous carnality and erotic lifestyles - is intimately familiar with the lifestyle that the Club Destiny club is famous for. As a journalist, she’s interested in understanding just what makes the swinger’s club so popular. When she comes face to face with Tag Murphy, the sophisticated, sexy attorney representing the club and its owners, she finds a new reason to be curious. It only takes one encounter for McKenna to realize the heat the two of them generate together is hot enough to melt her internal thermostat. That doesn’t stop her from requesting an exclusive on the club that might just turn into more than she bargained for.

Tag Murphy, a highly successful corporate attorney who represents some of Dallas’ wealthiest companies is not only Club Destiny’s legal counsel, he’s also a member. It’s during his time in the public spotlight, representing the club in a volatile lawsuit against one of its former members, that Tag gets his first glimpse of a fiery red headed journalist bent on exploiting his personal life for the benefit of her readers. In order to protect his own personal interest, and that of the club he represents, Tag decides to take McKenna up on her offer, only he adds his own stipulations. If she wants to learn more about the club, she’s going to get the guided tour – from him.

Will the two of them be able to overcome their own personal issues as well as those they find themselves in the midst of? Or will their independent, stubborn personalities force them to keep their distance?

Excerpt from Infatuation (Club Destiny, #4)

“Hello, McKenna,” Tag’s deep voice rumbled through the car’s interior, and McKenna’s heart nearly pounded out of her chest.

He wasn’t supposed to be there, yet he was.

Sitting comfortably on one side with his ankle resting on the opposite knee, one arm reaching across the back of the seat, he looked as calm as ever. She wasn’t faring nearly as well. Her palms were suddenly clammy, and she had to ignore the urge to fidget as she stared back into those glistening emerald eyes.

“Good morning,” she managed to say with more confidence than she felt. It was one thing to feel off center around him, it was an entirely different thing to let him know she felt that way. “I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon.”

“I wanted to greet you personally.”

Was it just her or was his voice extra smooth today? The rich cadence of his tone was like a physical caress, her tummy immediately tumbling as though she were on the downward curve on a roller coaster.

She managed to nod as though she understood his reasoning, not breaking eye contact. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say, but she knew no matter what, she couldn’t let him see how much he affected her.


Her eyes wavered from his briefly as she glanced over at the bottle sitting in a built in ice bucket. A small dose of liquid courage might be just what the doctor ordered. “It’s a little early, don’t you think?”

“I can mix it with orange juice if that makes you feel better.” That sinfully sexy grin tipped his very tantalizing mouth, and McKenna couldn’t resist smiling back.

“Deal. Then we can call it breakfast.”

“I was thinking about something else entirely for breakfast,” Tag mumbled, and McKenna bit her lip.

It was then that she realized all bets were off when it came to Tag Murphy.

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  1. Absolutly love love Nicole Edwards Club Destiny series. This by far is the best series ive read and is my favorite series. Look forward to reading more of her work including the new book out in the Club Destiny series. This series is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. -Carrie Sutton

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    Sue Ellen Robertson

    1. Sorry I didn't know it did not show my name at the top, I fixed the problem. :)

  20. I cannot wait to read her books! They seem very interesting!