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Disconnected by Bethany Daniel ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Title: Disconnected

Author: Bethany Daniel

Genre: Young Adult Romance

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This is the retelling of Reconnected from Liam's POV, however it CAN be read as a standalone.
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A Fast Paced Love Story!

Liam and Katy were high school sweethearts. Shortly after they graduated they ran off to Vegas to get married. Liam does theater acting and it's there that he is discovered by Excite Entertainment and flown to L.A.

Once he's in L.A his marriage takes the backseat to rubbing elbows with Hollywood's biggest and brightest. One night Liam throws a big party and Katy comes into their house filled with half dressed women. When Katy says she's going to leave, Liam doesn't believe her until he comes home from filming and finds a note that tears him apart.

Four years later, he's tried to move on but never let go of the love he has in his heart for his Katy. It's in a little town they are filming in that their paths cross again and Liam has to try and convince Katy that their love is worth fighting for.


I pull her close and sigh. "I know you're still hurting, Katy. Just know that I'm here, ok? You can talk to me, even if it's about Lucas."

She frowns as she looks up at me. "Are you sure?"

I nod. "Yes. I might not be Krista, but I can at least listen. I love you Katy, and I love how big your heart is. I know Lucas holds a piece of it, and probably always will, and I'm ok with that."

Katy sniffles as she looks down. "I miss him, a lot." She wipes her eyes. "He was just always there, you know? Someone that I could turn to for any reason; one of my best friends," She takes a deep breath. "When we became more than friends it felt good. I hadn't really felt much of a connection with anyone since you. He made me open my heart again."

I rub her back in soothing circles and hold her tighter against me. Lucas might not have been my favorite person, but for him to love Katy and to make her open her heart and live again makes me grateful for him. I wish I had gotten the chance to know him better. Maybe over time we would have become friends, but now we'll never get the chance because of a woman out of her mind with jealousy.

"I'm sorry, Katy," I whisper into her hair. "You don't have to be strong in front of me. Cry if you need to, you're allowed to miss him."

Her sniffles turn into gasps as she cries into my chest. I hate that she's been holding all this in for my sake.

I rock her back and forth as her tears continue falling down her cheeks. I wish I could just take this all away for her.

"I just...feel so...guilty," she whispers between cries. "It's not fair. He was supposed to graduate, go be this amazing architect and find a great wife, and have a couple kids." Katy shakes her head. "Now he's just gone. Now he doesn't have a future. Why did he have to die, Liam?" She looks up at me with red puffy eyes and I reach out to rub some tears away.

"Sometimes there are no answers. Sometimes things just suck and all you can do is yell and scream and be pissed off. You can be mad, you can try and make sense of it all, but in the end the why of it doesn't matter, Katy. In the end you're left to just deal with it and keep living."

"I know," she whispers, taking a deep breath. "But it really sucks."

I smile softly and wipe the last of her tears away. "I know it does, but you have me to help you through it, ok? If you need me, I'm right here."

Katy pulls me down to her for a kiss and leans her forehead against mine. "Thank you for loving me even when I'm broken."

I kiss her again and hold her tightly against my chest, "Always."

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Bethany Daniel lives in Texas with her husband and 2 sons. She enjoys reading, photography and, of course, writing. Bethany really found the passion for writing again this last year and came up with the idea for Reconnected after years of following Hollywood gossip and reading books about girls always chasing the guys and thought it would be nice for it to be the other way around. She is currently writing Disconnected, the story of Reconnected from Liam's POV.



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