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Don't Let Go by Michelle Lynn ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


Author: Michelle Lynn

Release date: August 25th

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Sadie Miller is attempting to change her ways and hide somewhere no one knows her former self. She only wants to finish her final year of college, obtain her degree, and get out from the hold of her affluent parents. Then she meets Brady Carsen, the lead singer of The Invisibles, a local band popular with the college crowd. She tries to stay away but quickly realizes that, although he might not be what she’s used to, he’s exactly what she needs and more importantly, everything she could possibly want.

Unfortunately, Sadie’s troubled past left her with insecurities that make her question Brady’s true intentions. And while Brady is convinced that Sadie is the one for him, he has his own secrets that he fears will be their undoing. If they want to be together, they will have to stand united and fight the outside influences that are threatening to tear them apart. Can they put their pasts behind them for good in order to secure their future?


3.5 Stars

Sadie Miller has a past.  After a life altering moment her life took a turn for the worse and she did everything she could to feel numb-drinking, boys, and lots and lots of sex.  But as soon as those things had worn off she was back to feeling the pain of her loss.  Trying to turn over a new leaf she makes the decision to transfer to a new college for her senior year.  Sadie tries to avoid all things that can make her spiral back downward, but a chance meeting with Brady Carsen has her questioning which way is up.

Brady is the guy everyone wants.  Lead singer of the band, smart, hot, and popular.  What he wants, though, is Sadie.  When he finally gets her to agree to go out with him, he knows she's the one.  Only problem is Brady's family has secrets.  While he wants to be with Sadie and knows there's something special about her, he's scared to tell her the truth-scared it'll run her off.  

This story was super cute.  Sadie has so many insecurities when dealing with men and relationships.  She suffered a major loss in her life and used them to find relief-but now doesn't know how to tell the difference between those who truly care and those that are just using her for sex.  I loved reading about her opening up to Brady.  Brady was genuinely sweet with her and fought tooth and nail to get her to trust him.  He talked to her, understood her, and was patient with her as she fought past her demons.  While he had secrets of his own,  he still had hopes that she'd love him enough to stick around after she found out.

"God...I hope you love me half as much as I love you.  You'll have to in order to deal with this bullshit."

This story was a sweet, cute romance.  Both characters were likable and had you rooting for them to come together.  I love the build up of the next book to follow Grant's story.  All in all, it was a pretty quick and easy read if you're looking for some light- hearted downtime!

*Review by Lauren


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Michelle Lynn has always been a reader, but her passion has become a full-blown addiction since her husband bought her a Kindle for Mother's Day. She's pretty sure that he regrets this on a regular basis. Especially when she has it propped up next to the stove while she cooks, which often results in a burnt dinner. Or when he loses sleep because the glow from the screen wakes him up when he rolls over at three in the morning. He does agree, however, that she uses this gift more than any other he has ever gotten her. She joking counters that, because of some of the steamy novels she reads, he also benefits more from this gift than any other he has gotten her. ;)

Michelle moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids. She developed a love of reading at a young age, which helped lay the foundation for her passion to write. With the encouragement of her family, she finally sat down and wrote one of the many stories that have been floating around in her head. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found playing with her kids, talking to her mom on the phone, or hanging out with her family and friends. But after chasing around twin preschoolers all day, she always cherishes her relaxation time after putting the kids to bed.


Website: http://www.michellelynnbooks.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/michellelynnbks

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7065829.Michelle_Lynn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michelle-Lynn/413280762102448

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