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Inky by J.B. Hartnett Blog Tour and Giveaway


Anika “Inky” Redding is passionate about two things; her love of painting and her fiancé Evan. While working as a bartender to pay her bills, she meets Cole, a sexy divorcee. She denies their mutual attraction and tries to put him out of her mind.

When an abusive person from her childhood makes an unexpected visit, Inky’s world is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and truths are exposed leaving Inky devastated and questioning what she thought was love. As she picks up the pieces and tries to move on, she finds her path crosses with Cole once again and this time, she cannot deny the passion between them.

Once she opens her heart again, will she be able to move forward or will her past find a way to stop her?


“Please…” I begged. The way he spoke and the words he used, I wanted him more than ever. I felt him move to my feet, straddling the end of the chaise. He was stroking his cock harder and hissing between his teeth. “Come for me. Come for me so I can put my cock in you and fuck you hard and finally make you scream, Anika. Come for me.” His words were like fire igniting my flesh. I came at his urging and as soon as the first shudders of my orgasm began, he thrust himself into me, hard and deep. “Ah, Cole, yes…please, please.” I felt the second wave begin as he rammed against me, his sweat dripping onto my face as we came together. He cried out my name, almost a roar and I’d never heard anything more erotic and sexy in my life. I wasn’t sure if I did indeed scream but it was beyond amazing. He collapsed against me, panting and breathless. “God, what you to do me. How did you know I’d like that?” “Lucky guess?” I replied trying to catch my breath.


4 Stars!

Ok. So I'm writing this review after only getting an hour sleep last night. I was up until 1 reading Inky and it had me so worked up, I read a whole OTHER book after it just to try and calm down! Yes, my reaction at the end was SERIOUSLY?! WTF?!

Inky starts out following Inky, who's real name is Anika, as she thinks she is finally forward from a very rough upbringing. She has the fiance that she's pined over for years, 2 amazing friends, and is living her dream as a struggling artist while bartending.
While bartending one evening a man, that learns later is named Cole, comes in and there's an instant attraction. After a brief encounter, she shrugs it off trying not to think of him again. When Cole comes to the bar again, only to witness Inky having an anxiety attack, he finds a way to calm her that sticks with her.
Inky's past suddenly comes roaring to a head with a visit from an unwelcomed visitor and all of her insecurities and fears resurface. As she struggles to get past all of her demons things with her fiance change and Cole enters her life in an unexpected way.
Does Inky finally give into her insta-attraction with Cole? Does she get over her past? Do past demons make it impossible for her to love and be loved?

This story started out a little slow for me but when it picked up-I fell in love. I loved Inky and her BFF Aimes. They have that friendship that every girl should have. Inky knows that Aimes has her back no matter what-and she does it without judgement only support, whether it's tough love or a shoulder to cry on.
What I loved about this story was the emotions! You could honestly feel the pain that the main characters felt. Whether it was happy, scared, anger, love, or hope-you could feel it pouring off of the pages (or in this case my Kindle). There were many parts I wanted to smack some of the characters for making me angry!
My big WTF moment happened at the end..what should be a Happily Ever After turned in to a DID THAT SERIOUSLY JUST EFFING HAPPEN AT 100%?! So, now I'm sitting here pissed off, at myself, for reading another book with another damn cliff hanger that I'm going to be thinking about until book two in this series comes.
So whether you need to wait until the full series is out or you're a glutten for punishment like me and read books as they come out instead of the whole series at once-read this!

*Review by Lauren

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