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Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission ~ Blog Tour/Giveaway/and Exclusive Sir's POV


On the night of graduation, Brie Bennett offered her collar to the man who’d won her devotion during her time at the Submissive Training Center.

The intimate encounters Brie enjoys with her new Master are hot and deliciously challenging. On the flipside, despite her newly acquired skills, she discovers that being a sub also requires maturity, intelligence and willing sacrifice.

Her Master has a tragic past that he has kept hidden. She is unaware that someone is waiting in the wings, plotting to return and rip his world apart. Brie has troubles of her own, including an obsessive Dom who won’t let her go, parents who refuse to accept her new lifestyle, and a film that is struggling to see the light of day.

Brie’s journey with her Master brings both sweet ecstasy and unbearable pain. Friendships deepen and love grows, even as her life begins to crumble around her. To survive, Brie will need the strength of a love that binds her securely—heart and soul.


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The Collaring Ceremony:
(Day 3)
After Durov left, he returned to the celebration. He saw Marquis motion Brie over to him. The trainer was about to give her last minute instructions before the collaring ceremony.
Nosaka’s father had returned, determined to add the weight of his disapproval to the event. Thane shook his head. Poor Brie would have a difficult time fighting that man’s influence over Nosaka. Thane knew the terrible impact a parent could have on their offspring.
Wallace was standing, waiting for Brie with a confidence that would be amusing if Thane didn’t understand the disappointment he was about to face. The boy would learn a hard lesson tonight. Thane toyed with the idea of visiting Wallace later in the week to drown their sorrows together. He chuckled to himself, finding it oddly humorous he was in the same boat as the boy.
The time had finally come…
Thane took his place back on stage and looked out over the crowd with a composed expression. No one would suspect the inner turmoil he was enduring.
Standing there, he thought back on what Durov had said. His friend was right. Thane could claim Brie, but it would be a purely selfish act. He was certain he would damage her with his personal demons.
Thane addressed the crowd in a clear voice devoid of emotion. “As a graduate, each submissive is given the opportunity to partake in the Collaring Ceremony. This year, one submissive has chosen to do so. Miss Bennett, present yourself to the community.”
Marquis escorted Brie out. She made her way to Thane, eyes downcast as she had been taught. Once beside him she knelt down, waiting.
Like a robot, he repeated the speech he had spoken many times before. “As is tradition for our school, a submissive who feels she has found her Master at the end of the course is allowed to present a ceremonial collar to the Dom of her choice. If accepted, a formal collaring ceremony will immediately follow.”
Thane turned and looked down at Brie. For a second, he almost lost his nerve. How could he give her up to another? From the moment he’d met Brie he knew he would be the one to possess her. It was the reason he took her anal virginity, despite the negative repercussions that followed.
Do not fail her.
Thane asked Brie, “Such a union is not to be entered into lightly. Are you secure in your decision?” He needed her to answer no.
Brie glanced up at him and nodded confidently. “I am, Sir.”
Let her go…
His spirit rebelled when he commanded, “Miss Bennett, present your collar now.”
She gracefully returned to her feet and stared at both potential Masters facing her. She walked forward without hesitation.
Each step that she took towards Tono Nosaka ripped at Thane’s heart, knowing he would be the one to receive Brie’s love and devotion.
Thane commanded silently, Don’t Brie.
She stopped as if she had heard his soul’s cry. Thane cursed himself when she turned around and faced him.
When Brie began walking towards him with the collar held out before her, he felt utter panic. He had no right to claim this woman. He shook his head slightly in warning, but she continued towards him with a confident smile.
I can’t do this. An image of his father dying in his arms flashed in his mind. He looked at her innocent face and thought, I will destroy her if I do.
Brie knelt before him, the collar raised up in silent petition.
For a moment, he actually entertained the idea of quitting the school and accepting her collar but only for an instant. His selfish need did not justify the damage his emotional walls would create. In the end, he cared too much for Brie and answered with a gentle but resounding, “No.”
He saw her visibly shudder, and understood the pain his rejection caused. However, he was resolute. He could not harm the talented young woman bowing at his feet. She deserved a whole man, not a fractured soul.
Brie stood up slowly, tears streaming down her face.
He looked at her with remorse. I’m sorry. I am a broken man.
She turned and began walking away—the room deathly silent as she made her way to the elevator with her head held high.
An icy chill traveled through his body as he watched her go. Her laughter, her smell, and her gentle touch would be gone from him forever. He struggled to breathe as the cold reality hit him.
I need her.
That realization drowned out all his objections. If Brie left, he would have nothing. No accomplishment, and no level of power could make up for being truly loved. Selfish or not, he could not let her go.
She pressed the elevator button as if she hadn’t heard him.
He commanded firmly, “Come back and face me.”
Brie wiped her tears before meeting his gaze. Her eyes conveyed fear and longing as she approached.
She did not kneel immediately as if she were afraid of being hurt again. He saw the inner battle play across her face as she forced herself to bow at his feet.
Thane rewarded her trust by placing his hand on her head. A feeling of well-being flooded over him at the contact.
He looked up at his staff. “I resign as headmaster of the school. I offer up Master Anderson as a worthy replacement, but the panel will be in charge of the final decision.”
No one made a sound as he turned back to Brie. “Offer your collar to me again.”
Brie held up the collar and he took both it and the key from her.
It felt surreal to be speaking the vows he had charged submissives to memorize for years, but the words felt exceedingly poignant now. “I accept this collar as a symbol of the offering of yourself, and promise to thoughtfully guide and lead you.”
A chime sounded, marking the beginning of the formal ceremony. He felt a stirring in his soul as if an entirely new world had opened before him. Thane knelt down beside Brie. “You belong to me from this day onward. I will do all within my power to protect and keep you as you join me on this journey.”
He felt her tremble as he fastened the collar around her neck. Standing back up, he stated clearly so that all could hear, “You will wear this symbol of my ownership as a sign of our commitment to one another.”
“I accept this symbol of your ownership and will wear it proudly for all to see, Sir.”
He answered solemnly as he placed the small key around his neck, “And I shall wear this key as a symbol of our commitment.”
Thane had been waiting to say his next pronouncement ever since the night he’d taken her in the bondage room. “You now belong to me.”
Brie looked up at him with a look of pure love and adoration. “I now belong to you, Master.”
His heart skipped a beat.
Thane felt a new confidence flow through him as he spoke the words, “I accept your request to serve me and will honor your needs and desires. Trust that I will always put your best interests foremost in my dominance over you. Your happiness, health and well-being are in my care, and I will consciously tend to them because you are a part of me.”
I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, Brieeven from me.
She smiled. “Sir, I will honor and love you as I serve you to the best of my ability. My submission to you is freely given. I am now a part of you and will respect your dominance over me as our lives become one.”
He watched her, feeling almost numb as she leaned forward and kissed both of his feet.
“Stand before your Master,” he commanded.
When Brie stood up, he lifted her chin and kissed her, tasting his prize. You are mine.

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WOW! Honestly, I'm kinda speechless as to how to summarize this whole series and do it justice. This is probably the most REAL D/S book I've ever read.....anything else just seems like child's play.  Red has created this story that is unique and interesting, the way she explains the D/S world was amazing and very educational *winks* I learned so much and I loved it! Is there submissive training schools around here?!?! Seriously....where can I sign up! 4.5 stars

Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission shows Brie and Sir's life after Brie has graduated from the training center.  It shows their growth as a couple, struggling to live in the outside world and balance their careers and relationship, and Brie learning to embrace her submission to Sir fully, but still making mistakes and learning as she grows.  The connection these two share is amazing and it gives the reader a look at the trust and love shared in a D/S relationship.  We also get to visit previous Dom's like Tono and Faelan and see Brie get closure on their connections and we also get to see Brie's classmates and friends growth.

This is definitely a must read series for all of you lovers of erotica.  This has become one of my top favorites without a doubt!

*Reviewed by Brandi 

About the Author:

Red Phoenix is an award-winning indie author who began her writing career in December of 2011. She caught the imagination of readers with her little novelette, Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training, which was published in March, 2012. Since then, fans have been riding the Brie wave with the sociable author. In October of the same year, Red published the wildly popular eBook serial into novel form, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. She recently finished Brie’s continuing journey in the book titled, Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation. The epic novel, 542 pages of seductive fun, was published the end of October, 2013.

“I am a happily married woman who believes, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing.”Red is a mother of three and wife to one. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans.

Erotica is a delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and the body ~Red 


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