Friday, February 15, 2013

Second Chance Romance by Sophie Monroe ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


Julia Kline, known by her friends as Jules, had a rough time growing up with a dad that travelled constantly and a mom that was anything but a mother.
When she’s six she meets her new neighbor Noah Sinclair. The pair quickly become best friends. He looks after her and when they're teenagers their relationship turns romantic. They didn’t account for Jules’ malicious mother stepping in and tearing them apart, leaving Jules broken hearted.

Present Day:

Jules is going for her Master's degree and working as dancer at a high-end gentleman’s club to pay for it. She lives with her best friend, Ellie, who’s also a dancer. She's getting ready to graduate and go out into the real world and finally start living her life. Around the same time her boss informs them that the club has been rented out for a bachelor party. She thinks that it will be just like any other night until she walks out on stage and sees Noah Sinclair. The boy that broke his promises and her heart. To make things worse he’s the bachelor. He tries to get her to talk to him, but she’s stronger now and blows him off. He's not giving up that easily because he wants answers of his own.

Throw in a crazy fiancé and a couple of hilarious best friends and enjoy the ride. Will Noah and Jules get their second chance? Or will the past decide the future?

My Thoughts:

I'm currently reading this book now, my little one was sick so I fell a little behind on my reading. What I can tell you so far, is that the plot is interesting, it's keeping me entertained, and I am looking forward to reading more to see if Jules and Noah get their second chance.......quick, easy, enjoyable read so far.  Detailed review coming soon!

About the Author:

Sophie Monroe is a New Jersey native just starting out her writing adventure. She has always been a night owl with a creative side. Her books often reflect both her sense of humor and sarcasm.
She tries to communicate on the fact that "life's too short" in her stories. Bad things happen in life it's inevitable, but pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move forward. Nothing can hold you down, unless you choose to let it.
She also loves to incorporate meaningful quotes that she hopes will inspire her readers (or at least give them a good laugh.)

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  1. I love second chances at romance! This one sounds great! Looking forward to it. :)