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Twist Me by Anna Zaires ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

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Title: Twist Me (Twist Me #1)
Author: Anna Zaires
Release Date: February 10, 2014
Genre: New Adult Dark Erotica
Kidnapped. Taken to a private island. I never thought this could happen to me. I never imagined one chance meeting on the eve of my eighteenth birthday could change my life so completely. Now I belong to him. To Julian. To a man who is as ruthless as he is beautiful – a man whose touch makes me burn. A man whose tenderness I find more devastating than his cruelty. My captor is an enigma. I don’t know who he is or why he took me. There is a darkness inside him – a darkness that scares me even as it draws me in. My name is Nora Leston, and this is my story. WARNING: This is NOT a traditional romance. It contains disturbing subject matter, including themes of questionable consent and Stockholm Syndrome, as well as graphic sexual content. This is a work of fiction intended for a mature, 18+ audience only. The author neither endorses nor condones this type of behavior.  
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I am such a sucker for kidnapped books….once I see kidnapped and dark in the same line, I’m a goner! So, I was instantly intrigued with Twist Me’s synopsis and I really enjoyed this book.  I read it in one sitting. 4 stars


He just touches me. Like he has the right to do so. Like I belong to him - something deep inside me senses that he could've easily gone further, that he doesn't play by the normal rules. That he's probably the most dangerous creature I've ever met.

Nora is a simple, good girl.  She’s not into all the make-up and frilly clothes like most almost 18 year old girls. She is a shy virgin, harboring a crush on one of her classmates.   A couple of weeks before her 18th birthday she sneaks into a club with her best friend and meets Julian.  She doesn’t know what it is about him, but he consumes her and she’s attracted to him, but fearful of him at the same time.  When she leaves the club that night Nora is certain she will never see Julian again……boy, is she ever wrong. 

A couple weeks later, Nora’s worst fears have come true.  She wakes up kidnapped, taken from her family and friends.  She’s on an island, in the middle of nowhere, with only Julian and her guard Beth to watch over her.  She soon realizes that Julian is ruthless and he wants Nora, is obsessed with Nora, and who she reminds him of.  Julian is going to take what he wants, when he wants it….whether Nora wants it or not.  But it’s not long before Nora is giving into that intense attraction that she initially felt to Julian and craving the release only he can give her….and soon maybe more feelings develop than these two realize.  What happens when all of Julian’s secrets are revealed and his enemies will do anything to hit Julian where it hurts….and where it hurts is Nora?


“He turns me inside out, take me apart, and puts me back together—all in the span of one night.”


Another book I really enjoyed, like I mentioned above this is my kind of read.  I love the dark, twisted romances with tons of passion and Twist Me definitely had this with a suspense factor to it.  Can’t wait for the next book in the series!


*Reviewed by Brandi

About the Author
Anna Zaires fell in love with books at the age of five, when her grandmother taught her to read. She wrote her first story shortly thereafter. Since then, she has always lived partially in a fantasy world where the only limits were those of her imagination. Currently residing in Florida, Anna is happily married to Dima Zales (a science fiction and fantasy author) and closely collaborates with him on all their works. After graduating from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics, Anna spent eight years on Wall Street analyzing stocks and writing research reports. In 2013, she became a full-time author, pursuing her lifelong dream of writing romance novels. Dima Zales is the love of her life and a huge inspiration in all aspects of her writing. Every book Anna writes is a product of their unique collaborative process. In addition to reading and writing, Anna enjoys drinking tea (coconut oolong, anyone?), watching addictive TV shows, and discussing book ideas during long walks with her amazing husband. She loves hearing from her readers, so please don't hesitate to contact her through her website or connect with her on Facebook, where she hangs out way too often. Also, please visit her husband and collaborator, Dima Zales, at and check out their fantasy & science fiction books.

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