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A Girl Walk Into A Bar by Helena S. Paige ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

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A Girl Walks Into a Bar: Your Fantasy, Your Rules


How will your night out end?

You make the rules.

You're at one of the hottest bars in town, all dressed up for a fabulous girls' night out with your best friend, when she cancels. What do you do now?

In this novel, YOU make the decisions.

Will you do body shots with a rock star? Cozy up to the hot bartender? Follow a mysterious woman to a rather unusual exhibition? Investigate a suave millionaire's box of tricks? Take a joyride with a buff bodyguard? Or maybe what you want is closer to home than you realize. . . .

So many options. . . . All you have to do is choose.


This was a fun read, my first you choose book! 3.5 stars.

I enjoyed this book....just something cute and interesting. Now, things were a little difficult for me since I was given an ARC. My kindle unfortunately wouldn't let me go to page 8 for instance, it wanted me to put in a location number so I had to physically search for each page. I did this for quite a while and read through almost all the scenarios before I gave up. What I did read I enjoyed, it was all about exploring your fantasy and you got to choose....your in the shoes of the heroine, and deserve a much need night are you going to spend the night? With a hot rockstar, a sexy older man with a BDSM fetish, experiment with a woman, a photographer, the young bartender, go home alone...there were so many different the end how will you choose....naughty or nice?

This was the perfect, light, fun, easy read!

*Reviewed by Brandi

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