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The Enforcer by Nikki Worrell ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway


Lacey Benoit is in need of a fresh start. Her best friend, Dr. Zoe Millis, has been begging her to make the move from Maine to California. Taking a leap of faith, Lacey does just that.

Living in San Diego definitely has its perks, such as, sunshine and beaches. The best part of moving to the west coast, however, is that Steven is still on the east coast. Catching your almost husband having sex with one of your bridesmaids on your wedding day would make even the strongest woman jaded. Therefore, Lacey has sworn off men for a while, especially men who travel a lot that have easy access to loose women.

When Lacey meets the new enforcer for the San Diego Scorpions, she thinks she might be in trouble. But she is determined to fight her attraction to the sexy NHL hunk. And she is successful...for about a day.

Alternate POV 

Jody knew he screwed up. He knew it while it was happening, but he was powerless to stop himself. Upending the chair may have been a bit much, yes, but in his defense – okay, maybe he didn’t have a solid defense.

Flowers wouldn’t cut it. Lacey couldn’t be bought. He was lucky she hadn’t given up on him yet. I have one chance to get this right. She has to know that I’ve given a lot of thought to what I did, and I’m truly sorry for my outburst. Jody started running through the things that were important to Lacey. He wanted to do something thoughtful to show her that he was more than a cave man who couldn’t control himself.

Ha!, he thought. Animals. Lacey loves animals. With an idea firmly planted in his head, Jody drove to the animal shelter. The closer he got, the more unsure he became about his idea of getting Lacey a puppy. She’d have to keep it at his house, since Zoe was allergic to animals. I got it!

Checkbook in hand, Jody walked into the shelter. He couldn’t believe how many barking dogs he heard. Wondering if Izzy would like a companion, he peeked around the corner into the kennels.

“Can I help you?”

Jody sighed and walked over to the desk, nixing the idea of another dog for the time being. “Yes, I’d like to make a donation of $1,000 in the name of Lacey Benoit. Would you have a certificate or something that you could write up?”

“Wow, $1,000? That’s great. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much that will help us with all of our critters here.”

On the way home from the shelter, Jody stopped at the mall and bought a frame to put the certificate in. His last stop of the day was to the florist. He was still going to send apology flowers from himself, (no roses, of course) but the certificate was going to be from Izzy. And he’d make Izzy apologize for her human’s behavior and sign it with her paw print.


This was my first book about a Hockey player and it started off a bit slow for me but about half-way through Nikki found her groove and it picked up for me and I enjoyed it. Plus hey, I'm not gonna complain about a hot, alpha-male, hockey player as the lead male! Great debut novel for Nikki  4 stars.

The Enforcer is Lacey and Jody's story.  Lacey is trying to escape.  Escape the pain of her brother's death and get away from the pain of her ex's ultimate betrayal.  She thought her life was perfect, and she was devastated to find out she was wrong. So she decides to pack up everything when her best friend in San Diego calls and she moves out there with her. She gets lucky and lands a job interview with the San Diego Scorpions NHL Hockey Team.

Jody LaGrange is the Scorpions new Enforcer. He loves hockey and loves his position.  When he meets Lacey he instantly falls for her. Lacey's been burned in the past though, and it's going to take a lot of convincing on Jody's part to convince her that just cause he's a player on the ice doesn't mean he is one off the ice! 

Congrats Nikki on you release! I def recommend you read this, especially if you love alpha male reads! One of my favorite things was the multiple POV's. Great love story, and I can't wait to read more of this series and see what the rest of the team is up to!

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Author Bio

I am a hockey fan (Go Flyers!) who loves to read. And now I am enjoying writing. What do I write about? Hockey and men. Really, is there anything better?

I live in Hammonton, NJ with my husband of over 18 years. It's not always easy but it's always worth it.

I have a B.S.B.A. in Human Resources and work for a law firm in Philadelphia.

Favorite Books: Pretty much anything with strong characters. I also love some supernatural thrown in and anything that involves a hockey player!

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