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Enlightened by C.C. Brown ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

Blurb for Enlightened:

After being humiliated and having her heart broken, Cara vowed to never let love cloud her better judgments again. She knows the warning signs, she's seen the red flags, and she's now picking up the pieces and moving forward with her life.

Jason felt the effects of humiliation and heartbreak as well. He's realized the error of his ways and wants nothing more than to prove to Cara that he can be the man that she needs him to be.

Past secrets, family members, and new players threaten to keep the couple apart. Will a newly enlightened Cara be able to wade through the murky waters and find happiness with Jason, or will her heart and the outside forces keep the two apart?

Enlightened Excerpt


Jason nodded his head. "I knew part of getting back to you, was going through the people who mean the most to you. And I was willing to go through any amount of hell they were willing to put me through to make it happen." He leaned over and tucked my hair behind my ears. "I've been a world class asshole, and I know I don't deserve you, Cara. But if you go against all of your common sense and give me another chance, I swear I will work day and night making you as happy as you deserve to be."

His words were like satin on my skin. I could feel his plea. I could see his hunger for me. I understood his past. Jason was so afraid of letting me in the first time around because not only did he have too much pride, but he was afraid of what I'd do with that information. I couldn't be absolutely sure that I wouldn't have run in the opposite direction had I known all of this about him from the onset. His past was in direct opposition to anything I had ever known, and after having dealt with it head on, I felt like I was becoming a stronger person because of it.

"You have no idea how much I want to be with you, Jason," I whispered. His eyes lit up with excitement. "I want to work through this with you. I want to be Jason and Cara again."

"Let me take the lead. You can be my support system, but I have to face all of the bullshit head on, and I will because you don't deserve any of it. I'll never put you in that predicament again. I swear."

I leaned over and kissed him hungrily. I'd been waiting to unleash my raw passion on him and seeing him completely break down and then work tirelessly to rebuild our relationship was exactly what we needed. This time, my tongue overpowered his as I tried to devour every inch of him. He was broken and wanted me to help him build himself back up. I lay down on the bed, pulling him down with me.

"Take me Jason. Take me and make us whole again."


I'm not gonna lie, I was a little iffy going into Enlightened because Red Flags was just an okay read for me.  Cara was too immature and Jason was too controlling and possessive and I found myself skimming pages.  Red Flags didn't really grab ahold of me until the last couple of pages.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed Enlightened and Cara and Jason grew on me.  The story picks right back up where Red Flags left off and I really expected Cara to run right back to Jason but was proud of her for standing her ground, even though I didn't think Jason was guilty of what he was accused of, I think he needed to get some of his issues under control.  Cara and Jason both experience tons of personal growth and maturity in Enlightened and you can clearly see C.C.'s writing skills develop in this book! So if you read Red Flags and weren't a fan you should def give Enlightened a try, I think you'll be surprised! 4 stars.

About the Author

Marine Corps wife, mommy to two wonderfully, obnoxious little military brats, loving dog owner, and WRITER.

I've spent the greater part of my life enjoying books and writing, so after making another life altering move for my wonderful husband and his career, I decided to make my dream come true and write my first novel, Red Flags.

I am obsessively addicted to candy (except for chocolate). I don't care for flowers (they die). Coffee is a no-go for me, but I'll suck down a Red Bull in a heartbeat. I study with the TV on, but write to music. I am competitive as all hell, probably too competitive for my own good. I grew up playing sports and wanted to win at EVERYTHING. It's creeping into my son and I'm not so sure that's a good thing. I will play tea party and dolls with my daughter, even though I never played that stuff as a child.

I now live in the glorious state of Hawaii and if it weren't for the roaches, poisonous centipedes, and geckos that leave me prancing around, moving from room to room with cans of RAID, this would truly be paradise. I can't complain though... when I don't see the critters, I love it here, and wouldn't want to be stationed anywhere else. When I see them, I want to pack up and hop on the first thing flying out of here.
I can't thank you all enough for taking a chance on a no-namer like myself and allowing me to live my dreams.

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  2. Hmmm.... Mila Kunis and maybe Ian Somerhalder... but really not quite sure :)

  3. I have a hard time casting people from books to movies, because I really have an image in my mind that isn't close to any celeb that I have ever seen. Mila Kunis and Ian Somerhalder sounds ok to me. But, the ones in my head are always better. :)

  4. Based off of the cover, I'd say the chick from the Vampire Diaries. I'm not sure about which guy. The model on the cover is pretty damn hot!

  5. Mila Kunis and Ian Somerhalder